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Maria Warmke

One of my most cherished mem­o­ries of Christ­mas is sing­ing car­ols. We would visit my grand­par­ents ev­ery year for Christ­mas and each Christ­mas Eve we would at­tend the Christ­mas church ser­vice. Af­ter­ward, the whole con­gre­ga­tion would come to­gether in the front yard of the church by the life-sized manger and sing car­ols. As a young child it was thrilling to be out so late at night in the dark when I nor­mally would be in bed, and it was not nearly as cold there in North Carolina as my home in Ohio. I felt es­pe­cially grown up when we all held can­dles with lit­tle card­board hold­ers to pro­tect our hands from melted wax. It was mag­i­cal to see all those shin­ing faces sing­ing to­gether by candlelight. To this day, I ab­so­lutely adore Christ­mas car­ols (and of­ten lis­ten to them year-round)!

Rein­deer Chow

9 cups Chex ce­real (any kind)

1 cup semisweet cho­co­late chips

1/2 cup peanut but­ter (I pre­fer creamy, but crunchy works too!)

1/4 cup but­ter, melted

2 tea­spoons vanilla ex­tract

2 ta­ble­spoons red sugar crys­tals

2 ta­ble­spoons green sugar crys­tals

1 1/2 cups con­fec­tion­ers’ sugar

Mea­sure ce­real in a large bowl. In an­other bowl, mi­crowave cho­co­late chips, peanut but­ter and but­ter for 1 minute; stir. Con­tinue mi­crowav­ing at 20-sec­ond in­ter­vals un­til smooth when stirred. Stir in vanilla. Pour mix­ture over ce­real and stir un­til all ce­real is coated. Pour into large zip-close bag. Add con­fec­tion­ers’ sugar and red and green sugar crys­tals. Shake bag un­til all ce­real mix­ture is coated in white with hints of red and green. Spread over waxed paper and al­low to cool. Store in an air­tight con­tainer. En­joy! Don’t for­get to leave some for the rein­deer along with Santa’s cook­ies!

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