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Gen­eral pur­pose knives, which can per­form mul­ti­ple tasks, can play an im­por­tant role in your daily liv­ing. This is one cat­e­gory you don’t want to over­look.

“Knife-like tools were used at least two-and-a-half mil­lion years ago, as ev­i­denced by the Ol­dowan tools. Orig­i­nally made of rock, bone, flint, and ob­sid­ian, knives have evolved in construction as technology has, with blades be­ing made from bronze, cop­per, iron, steel, ce­ram­ics and ti­ta­nium.” —Wikipedia

IN BASE­BALL PAR­LANCE, they are the quintessen­tial util­ity player. Gen­eral pur­pose knives can fit in mul­ti­ple cat­e­gories and per­form mul­ti­ple tasks. Play ball …

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