Ex-At­lantis host says Pad­dock ‘un­friendly’

Reno man says he doesn’t think Dan­ley in­volved

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RENO — Stephen Pad­dock, the gun­man who sprayed bul­lets on con­cert­go­ers Oct. 1 in Las Ve­gas, was “very un­friendly” while his girl­friend was just the op­po­site, says a man who in­ter­acted with both in a Reno casino.

John Wein­re­ich, a for­mer ex­ec­u­tive casino host at the At­lantis Casino Re­sort Spa in Reno, knew both Pad­dock and his girl­friend, Mar­ilou Dan­ley.

“I didn’t get a good vibe from him,” Wein­re­ich said in an in­ter­view out­side his home in ru­ral Day­ton near Reno. “The guy was very un­friendly, not so­cial at all.”

Still, Pad­dock flew un­der the radar in Reno, where he gam­bled fre­quently and spent part of his time away from Mesquite liv­ing in a north­west Reno sub­di­vi­sion with Dan­ley. That’s ac­cord­ing to for­mer casino work­ers who in­ter­acted with him and neigh­bors. Wein­re­ich worked with Dan­ley at the casino, where she re­port­edly met Pad­dock.

She started out sign­ing up cus­tomers for player cards and later be­came a high-limit host­ess at the casino, which Pad­dock fre­quented.

Dan­ley left her job at the casino sev­eral years ago; Wein­re­ich es­ti­mates it was 2013, about a year be­fore he left.

“She was just gone,” Wein­re­ich said. “They said she ran off with Stephen.”

Of his for­mer col­league, he said he doesn’t be­lieve she had any­thing to do with the hor­rific shoot­ing.

“Mar­ilou was a very nice per­son,” he said. “I would never think she would get caught in some­thing like that.”

Mar­ilou Dan­ley who worked at At­lantis Casino Re­sort Spa in Reno from 2010 to 2013, ac­cord­ing to her LinkedIn pro­file.

In a state­ment, com­pany spokes­woman Teresa Drew con­firmed Dan­ley worked there, but of­fered no other de­tails.

Washoe County court records show Dan­ley di­vorced her hus­band, Geary Dan­ley, in early 2015. At the time of her di­vorce, she listed her ad­dress as a one-bed­room con­do­minium in Reno. Prop­erty records show Pad­dock owned the con­do­minium when Dan­ley filed for di­vorce. He sold it in 2016.

In 2013, Pad­dock bought a two-bed­room Reno home where the two last lived in North­ern Ne­vada. That home is in a sub­di­vi­sion for re­tirees 55 and older. Dan­ley is 62 and Pad­dock was 64.

For Matt Or­chowski, the shooter was one cus­tomer out of hun­dreds he served dur­ing a stint as a VIP rep­re­sen­ta­tive at At­lantis. Or­chowski said he re­mem­bers once serv­ing Pad­dock a drink. It was likely in 2015, said Or­chowski, now a gen­eral man­ager at a Reno fit­ness cen­ter, worked at At­lantis in Reno from late 2014 un­til 2016.

“He was a quiet guy,” Or­chowski said. “He never said much.”

An em­ployee at Scor­pius Tac­ti­cal in Reno, who did not iden­tify him­self, said Fri­day that Pad­dock was rec­og­nized as some­one who had vis­ited the store, but elec­tronic records didn’t show that he made any pur­chases.

The em­ployee said the store has re­ceived death threats from call­ers who mis­tak­enly be­lieve it sold Pad­dock weapons.

In the Reno neigh­bor­hood where the cou­ple spent some of their time, they largely kept to them­selves, neigh­bors said. Su­san Page, who moved next door to them in July, said the house al­ways had its shades drawn, even when they were home.

The last time she saw ei­ther of them was in Au­gust. Pad­dock left be­fore Dan­ley did a week or so later, she said.

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