Lei - - Love - COM­PILED BY Keane Akao

Where bet­ter to so­lid­ify your wed­ding nup­tials than in the place where the beauty of the land­scape is only matched by the aloha of its peo­ple? Cre­ate last­ing mem­o­ries and mo­ments on your spe­cial day with any of th­ese wed­ding re­sources in the is­lands.


Lanikuhonua 808-674-3278

Loulu Palm Es­tate loulu­ 800.880.7256

Sun­set Ranch sun­se­tranch­ 808-638-8333

Bayer Es­tate bay­er­ 808-377-9359

Oluwalu Plan­ta­tion (Maui) oluwalu­plan­ta­tion­house. com 808-677-5751

Hulihe‘e Plan­ta­tion (Hawai‘i Is­land) huli­ 808-329-1877

Plan­ta­tion Gar­dens (Kaua‘i) pgrestau­ wed­dings 808-742-2121


Mike Pham Pho­tog­ra­phy mikepham­pho­tog­ra­phy. com 808-306-8379 Vi­sion­ari vi­sion­ 808-220-8108

Kai Photo 808-591-1882

Kelli Bul­lock Pho­tog­ra­phy kel­libul­lock­pho­tog­ra­phy. com 808-387-5224

Scott Drexler (Maui) 808-879-7200

Aria Pho­tog­ra­phy (Hawai‘i Is­land and O‘ahu) ari­as­tu­ 888-734-9994

Jonathan Moeller Pho­tog­ra­phy (Kaua‘i) jmoeller­ 808-635-4579


Yvonne De­sign 808-234-0001

Rain­for­est rain­ 808-738-0999

Sweet Pea and Pe­tu­nia sweet­peapetu­ 808-234-0002 Easley De­signs easley­de­ 808-595-3936

Pas­sion Roots pas­sion­ 808-228-6303

Asa Flow­ers (Maui) asaflow­ 808-249-8845

Ai­nahua Flo­rals (Hawai‘i Is­land) store.ainahuaflo­ 808-885-4045

Martin Roberts (Kaua‘i) mar­t­in­ 808-332-9194


Rev. James Chun hawai­i­wed­ding­min­is­ter. com 808-383-7090

June Dillinger ido­hawai­ian­wed­ 808-330-5555

Your Maui Min­is­ters (Maui) min­is­ter­son­ 888-225-0849

Ju­dith Leong (Hawai‘i Is­land) trin­i­ty­hawai­ian­wed­dings. com 808-895-3517 Julie D. Wirtz (Kaua‘i) kauaiof­fi­ 808-652-9443


Jacque Ro­jas jacquero­ 808-955-5600

Les­lie Fair 808-589-9881

Del­ish Makeup Artistry del­ish­make­u­ 808-780-7184

Faith & Beauty faithand­ 808-391-5753

Time­less Clas­sic Beauty time­less­clas­ 808-391-5398


IMF Vi­sions im­fvi­ 808-392-4012

Video 21 video21pro­duc­ 808-781-2084

Crane Me­dia crane­me­ 808-383-7090 Imag­ineWurks imag­ 808-228-7714


Elite Cater­ing elite­ca­ter­ 808-422-8113

Course Hawaii course­ 808-371-6786

Cel­e­bra­tions Cater­ing (Maui) bev­gan­non­restau­rants. com/cel­e­bra­tions 808-572-4946

Par­adise Gourmet (Hawai‘i Is­land) par­adis­ 808-326-1244

Gay­lord’s Restau­rant (Kaua‘i) kilo­ 808-245-5608

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