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Friends claim that three months af­ter their twins’ ar­rival, Ge­orge and Amal Clooney have big fam­ily news

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Months af­ter wel­com­ing twins, Ge­orge and Amal Clooney are ex­pect­ing again, friends be­lieve.

Ge­orge Clooney c lutched wi fe Amal’s hand tight as they nav­i­gated the red car­pet in Venice, Italy. The Sept. 2 pre­miere of his movie Subur­bicon was their first pub­lic event since wel­com­ing twins Ella and Alexander on June 6, but the cou­ple weren’t show­ing any signs of ex­haus­tion from latenight feed­ings or di­a­per changes. “This is an all­new ad­ven­ture for me,” Ge­orge ad­mits of fa­ther­hood. “Hon­estly, I didn’t think I’d be mar­ried with two kids!”

But his fam­ily isn’t done grow­ing. Life & Style has ex­clu­sively learned that friends be­lieve Amal is preg­nant again. The 39-year-old hu­man rights lawyer “has the same symp­toms she had when she learned she was preg­nant the first time,” a close friend claims. “She’s eat­ing like crazy and is more emo­tional than nor­mal.”


Another sign? Ge­orge, 56, has never been more pro­tec­tive. The ac­tordi­rec­tor has re­vealed that he and his wife agreed to avoid travel to dan­ger­ous coun­tries go­ing for­ward. And he tries to make sure his über- driven wife, who just went back to work, gets the rest she needs. “Dur­ing her first preg­nancy, Amal barely showed for the first sev­eral months, and was ac­tive and work­ing right up un­til a few weeks be­fore the birth,” notes the friend. “But she was tired a lot and had trou­ble get­ting to a healthy baby weight.”

Her weight may not be an is­sue the se­cond time around, if her cur­rent eat­ing habits are any in­dica- tion. “Amal’s been lov­ing go­ing out to din­ner while the fam­ily has been in Italy over the sum­mer,” says the friend. “She’s crav­ing pasta, risotto and

The last time she was ex­pect­ing, Amal barely showed!

margherita pizza. At times, it seems like she could be eat­ing for three!”

Another set of twins is a pos­si­bil­ity, say ex­perts. “Hav­ing twins once does in­crease your chances of hav­ing them again,” ob- gyn Dr. Pari Gh­odsi tells Life & Style. Amal’s age also in­creases her and Ge­orge’s chances of wel­com­ing a dou­ble bun­dle of joy. While the older you get, the harder it is to con­ceive any preg­nancy, “older moms are more likely to have twins,” Dr. Sherry Ross, another obgyn, tells Life & Style. That’s due to an in­crease in fol­li­cle-stim­u­lat­ing hor­mones ( FSH) in women over 35. “FSH is the hor- mone that stim­u­lates your ovaries to pro­duce eggs,” ex­plains Dr. Gh­odsi. “It in­creases as you get older be­cause your ovaries are not re­spond­ing as eas­ily, which sig­nals your brain to pro­duce more. One of the con­se­quences of it pro­duc­ing more is a higher risk for more than one egg to be re­leased, re­sult­ing in mul­ti­fe­tal preg­nancy.” What’s more, Amal’s sis­ter, Tala, has twins, and they tend to run in fam­i­lies.

That means the for­mer bach­e­lor, who’d once sworn off mar­riage and kids, may soon be parenting four kids un­der the age of 2! But Ge­orge, who has said they con­ceived Ella

and Alexander with­out the help of fer­til­ity drugs, “would be thrilled if Amal is in­deed preg­nant,” says the friend. In a re­cent in­ter­view, when asked if he ever misses the soli­tude of his for­mer life, Ge­orge gushed, “I sure don’t. That seems like a life­time ago. Now my house is filled with the warm sounds of ba­bies cry­ing. You should see when my friends show up and see me change a di­a­per, the laugh­ter that comes from them. I go, ‘ I know, I know.’ I’ve given them so much s--- for so many years, I de­serve ev­ery bit of it.” Adds his friend: “He loves be­ing a dad, and re­ally has a more-the-mer­rier at­ti­tude to­ward en­larg­ing the fam­ily.”


Af­ter all, the kids he has al­ready are pretty spec­tac­u­lar. “They start out with a per­son­al­ity right off the bat,” Ge­orge raves of his 13-week- old twins. Alexander is “a moose! Lit­er­ally, he just sits and he eats.” And his sis­ter, Ella, is “very el­e­gant, and all eyes,” says the proud dad. “She looks like Amal, thank God.”

Ge­orge would know. One of the star’s fa­vorite things to do is just stare at Ella and Alexander as they sleep, says a source. “He’s con­stantly hold­ing them and rock­ing them,” the source says. “He’s also start­ing to read and sing to them.” That is, when the famed jokester isn’t clown­ing around for his kids. “Ge­orge loves mak­ing funny faces and noises to get them smil­ing and laugh­ing,” says the friend. “It makes his day when they gig­gle, and Ge­orge will be thrilled to add another kid or two to the mix.”


He has the per­fect part­ner to par­ent with. While Ge­orge touts his di­a­per- chang­ing abil­i­ties, he praises Amal as an “Olympic ath­lete” for her breast­feed­ing skills. “Ge­orge is in awe of how Amal has turned into a su­per­mom,” says the friend. “He can’t get over the fact that Amal can ad­vise on a dif­fi­cult hu­man rights case one minute, look spec­tac­u­lar on the red car­pet the next and then cater to the needs of two de­mand­ing ba­bies the next. She’s his Won­der Woman.”

Ge­orge’s su­per­hero has a long way to go be­fore she gives birth again: Friends be­lieve she’s still in the very early stages of preg­nancy. Either way, she can count on Ge­orge to make sure she’s never on her own. “He and Amal are stronger than ever as a cou­ple,” says the friend. “He loves her more than ever.”

“Ev­ery­thing changes pretty quickly.” — Ge­orge on wel­com­ing kids

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