Haunt­ing Heart­break

The real rea­son Blake Shel­ton and Gwen Ste­fani called off their plans to walk down the aisle

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Blake Shel­ton, still trau­ma­tized by his split from Mi­randa Lam­bert, won’t marry Gwen Ste­fani.

Sum­mer days on the lake mean ev­ery­thing to Blake Shel­ton. He named his new al­bum, Tex­oma Shore, af­ter a mag­i­cal week he and girl­friend Gwen Ste­fani spent on his Ok­la­homa ranch. “We went out on the wa­ter ev­ery day, went back up to the house ev­ery night and just had one of the great­est times of my life,” he said, adding that he thought to him­self, “Man, this is one of those sum­mers that we’re al­ways go­ing to re­mem­ber.”

Prob­lem is, he’s al­ways go­ing to re­mem­ber his exwife Mi­randa Lam­bert, too, and how their mar­riage blew apart. Blake, 41, isn’t ready to marry Gwen, 48, Life & Style has ex­clu­sively learned, be­cause he still strug­gles with the heart­break of his split from Mi­randa. “Blake had hoped that time would ease the pain of the di­vorce and the be­trayal he felt, but sadly, it just hasn’t,” re­veals an in­sider. “To this day, Blake be­lieves Mi­randa cheated on him. It just wounded his soul.” His in­ner cir­cle has been try­ing to help him move on from the 2015 split. What hap­pened with Mi­randa is com­ing be­tween him and Gwen, de­lay­ing their mar­riage de­spite the fact they are madly in love. “Blake ad­mits he’s still dev­as­tated,” says a source.

PRI­VATE PAIN Things are so se­ri­ous be­tween Blake and Gwen, they’ve been try­ing to have a baby girl to­gether via IVF, as Life & Style has re­ported. But Blake also thought he had a per­fect re­la­tion­ship with Mi­randa, 33, and that didn’t stop things from im­plod­ing af­ter a decade to­gether. Blake sud­denly filed for di­vorce and then a se­ries of re­ports al­leged Mi­randa cheated. It’s left him wary of mar­riage. Blake is wor­ried about hav­ing his trust bro­ken, says the source, even though he knows Gwen and Mi­randa are to­tally dif­fer­ent peo­ple. Though Blake and Gwen had talked about get­ting mar­ried sooner, “Blake has been hon­est with her lately about not be­ing ready to tie the knot.” A SUR­PRIS­ING RE­AC­TION

Lucky for him, the No Doubt front- woman is on the same page. She has trust is­sues af­ter her 13-year mar­riage to Gavin Ross­dale, 51, was torn apart by his al­leged in­dis­cre­tions, in­clud­ing with their fam­ily nanny. “Gavin’s be­trayal of their mar­riage vows nearly de­stroyed her,” says the in­sider. “Gwen has also re­al­ized over time that she doesn’t need to get mar­ried again.”

But the coun­try star and the pop diva aren’t slam­ming the brakes on their plans to give Gwen’s three sons, Kingston, 11, Zuma, 9, and Apollo, 3, a sib­ling. “Blake and Gwen are com­mit­ted to hav­ing a baby to­gether,” in­sists the in­sider. “They just don’t want to get mar­ried.”

Blake is hav­ing sec­ond thoughts about mar­ry­ing Gwen right now, says a source. He’s still get­ting over what hap­pened with Mi­randa.

Haunted by His Ex “Let’s face it,” says the in­sider, “Blake ex­pected to spend the rest of his life with Mi­randa.”

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