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Be­tween the hours of 6 a.m. on Thurs­day and 6 a.m. on Mon­day, the Lodi Po­lice Depart­ment re­ceived 500 calls for ser­vice. Be­low is a sam­pling of those calls.


In­de­cent: 9:50 a.m. — A male tran­sient wear­ing blue plaid pa­jama bot­toms was seen uri­nat­ing in front of chil­dren play­ing at a park on the 0 block of North Hutchins Street.

Sus­pi­cious ac­tiv­ity: 4:48 p.m. — A His­panic male adult wear­ing a blue shirt and white hat was seen tak­ing nets off of soc­cer goals on the 2300 block of South Lower Sacra­mento Road. The re­port­ing party did not think that the sub­ject worked for the City of Lodi.

Sus­pi­cious ac­tiv­ity: 4:48 p.m. — The re­port­ing party, who had re­served a field on the 200 block of Lawrence Av­enue, saw sev­eral males hop a fence and play foot­ball on the field.

Dis­tur­bance: 7:22 p.m. — A group of ju­ve­niles was seen break­ing bot­tles in front of a busi­ness on the 500 block of West Lodi Av­enue.

Ju­ve­nile com­plaint: 10:07 p.m. — A group of ju­ve­niles was seen shut­ting off the power to a res­i­dence on the 300 block of West Lock­e­ford Street, and pos­si­bly broke a win­dow. Ap­prox­i­mately 10 ju­ve­niles were last seen run­ning west to­ward South Hutchins Street.


Dis­tur­bance: 9:28 a.m. — A white fe­male adult, pos­si­bly tran­sient, wear­ing a gray shirt and dark pants push­ing a stroller was caus­ing a dis­tur­bance on the 100 block of North School Street. The sub­ject had a cat on a leash that she was throw­ing.

Sus­pi­cious ac­tiv­ity: 4:50 p.m. — A His­panic male adult, pos­si­bly tran­sient, wear­ing a red shirt and red ban­danna opened a wa­ter pipe near the 600 block of South Chero­kee Lane, caus­ing the area to flood.

Sus­pi­cious ac­tiv­ity: 6:36 p.m. — A male wear­ing an or­ange shirt and a back­pack ap­peared to be cut­ting down a tree on Po­plar Street near the 1000 block of South Chero­kee Lane, pos­si­bly with a chain­saw as the re­port­ing party heard a mo­tor.


Sus­pi­cious ac­tiv­ity: 12:27 a.m. — A male wear­ing a green jacket and car­ry­ing a back­pack was seen open­ing the elec­tri­cal box for a busi­ness on the 300 block of South Hutchins Street and tam­per­ing with the break­ers.


Sus­pi­cious ac­tiv­ity: 2:29 a.m. — A His­panic male adult wear­ing a blue but­ton-up shirt and black pants was seen stand­ing in the bushes, ex­pos­ing him­self to take a pic­ture on the 0 block of South Sacra­mento Street.

Bur­glary: 6:22 a.m. — Two teen males were seen around the re­port­ing party’s neigh­bor’s ve­hi­cle on the 400 block of West Elm Street. The ve­hi­cle’s doors were open and its lights were on. Both teens left on bi­cy­cles, one west­bound on West Elm Street wear­ing un­known cloth­ing and the other east­bound on West Pine Street wear­ing a blue and white beanie, a dark jacket and tan pants.

Sus­pi­cious ac­tiv­ity: 10:57 a.m. — A His­panic male adult wear­ing a gray T-shirt and car­ry­ing a stick was seen cut­ting a fence to en­ter a busi­ness that was on fire on the 300 block of North Main Street.

Sus­pi­cious ac­tiv­ity: 2:22 p.m. — A white fe­male adult was rid­ing a yel­low cruiser bi­cy­cle on a lawn on the 1000 block of South Church Street when a gun fell out of the bi­cy­cle’s bas­ket. She re­trieved the gun and put it un­der a jacket in the bas­ket. The sub­ject was as­so­ci­ated with a younger white male on a mo­tor­ized bi­cy­cle. Both were last seen north­bound on South Church Street.

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