The Best of Both Worlds

Get­ting back to na­ture has never been so “smart.”

Log Home Living - - 2018 ANNUAL BUYER'S GUIDE - by Donna Peak, Ed­i­tor-in- Chief

Like it or not, we live in a tech­based so­ci­ety. So much so that you’d swear to­day’s youth were born with com­puter chips in their brains and the lat­est smart phones sur­gi­cally at­tached to their hands. For bet­ter or for worse (and with the push of a “post” but­ton), the world can know any­thing and ev­ery­thing about you, from your most deeply held be­liefs to what you ate for break­fast. Mea­sured think­ing, not to men­tion pri­vacy, seems to be a thing of the past.

Per­haps it’s this pre­oc­cu­pa­tion with tech­nol­ogy and au­to­ma­tion per­me­at­ing our lives that’s fu­el­ing our de­sire to get in touch with what’s real. To re­con­nect with na­ture. To cre­ate a haven where pri­vacy still reigns supreme. To live in a log home.

There is no other type of hous­ing that is more at­tune to the in­tense de­sire to live a more nat­u­ral life. Not only are you en­gulfed in gor­geous wood in a log home, the sites them­selves tend to be far removed from the beaten path. Whether it’s nes­tled deep within a thick for­est, landed along a lakeshore or perched on a ma­jes­tic moun­tain site, a log home is in to­tal har­mony with its sur­round­ings. Its sturdy walls are as safe and wel­com­ing as a mother’s em­brace. It’s not sim­ply where you live; it’s a dream ful­filled.

Even so, log homes are no strangers to tech­nol­ogy, and ac­tu­ally that’s a good thing. Whether it’s for work or play, most of us need to be con­nected to some de­gree, and log homes can ac­com­mo­date that need with ease.

In fact, the log home in­dus­try, it­self, has benefitted from science and tech­nol­ogy. Log homes are more struc­turally so­phis­ti­cated and en­ergy ef­fi­cient than ever be­fore. From pre­ci­sion milling equip­ment to ad­vances in stains, sealants and chink­ing, the past few decades have brought about a turn in the log home con­struc­tion uni­verse that has made the dream of own­ing one of these beau­ties more at­tain­able to more peo­ple.

The guide you’re hold­ing in your hands is de­voted to help­ing you do just that.

No other type of house is more at­tune to liv­ing a nat­u­ral life­style than a log home is.

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