Bush’s knowl­edge be­fore 9/11 at­tacks

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Re “Just how crazy are the Dems?” Opin­ion, May 15

Jonah Gold­berg’s at­tempt to paint Democrats as para­noid loonies be­cause about one-third of them be­lieve Pres­i­dent Bush had prior knowl­edge of the 9/11 at­tacks fails to ad­dress the rea­son why 35% of those polled by Ras­mussen Re­ports think so: Bush is sim­ply not trusted. And why should he be? He led us into a dis­as­trous war based on half-truths and out­right lies.

No, it seems Gold­berg is more in­ter­ested in at­tack­ing Democrats with la­bels than in dis­cov­er­ing the truth. But why should the truth con­cern him? It’s hardly a con­cern of those he rep­re­sents: the right-wing whack jobs. Tom Towler


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