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I con­tinue a se­ries on sav­ing tricks with end plays. You’re de­clarer at four hearts, and West leads a club. You fig­ure he has the ace of spades and king of di­a­monds for his bid, so you’re at risk of los­ing two spades and two di­a­monds. What will you do about it?

The ac­tual South saw noth­ing bet­ter than to play West for K-x in di­a­monds. He took the king of clubs, drew trumps, and led the ace and a low di­a­mond, duck­ing East’s 10. But West fol­lowed low, East shifted to a spade, and the de­fense got two spades and a sec­ond di­a­mond.

Low spade

South suc­ceeds with an end play. Af­ter he draws trumps, he takes the ace of clubs, ruffs a club and leads a low spade. If East wins and leads an­other spade, West is end-played when he takes the ace.

Say East wins the first spade with the nine and leads the jack of di­a­monds. South plays low from his hand, takes dummy’s ace and ex­its with a spade. Then West must cash the king of di­a­monds, set­ting up South’s queen, or con­cede a ruff-sluff.

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