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“An­imex­i­can,” Ei­nar and Jamex de la Torre’s third solo show at Ko­plin del Rio Gallery, is a rau­cous pa­rade of un­likely icons, sab­o­taged mas­ter­pieces, re­con­sti­tuted ar­ti­facts and cock­eyed ren­di­tions of just about any­thing you can think of.

The broth­ers, born in Mex­ico, split their time be­tween Ense­nada and San Diego. Their work be­gins by send­ing se­ri­ous­ness pack­ing. It con­tin­ues by skew­er­ing art-world shib­bo­leths such as good taste and sen­si­ble crafts­man­ship. And it goes on to make scathing fun of the idea that his­tory is sa­cred, that cul­ture is pure, that iden­tity is sta­ble and that mean­ing can be passed from one gen­er­a­tion to the next with­out mu­tat­ing into some­thing no one ex­pected.

Two trip­ty­chs set the stage for their vo­ra­cious can­ni­bal­iza­tion of of­fi­cial sym­bols. The first trans­forms Hans Mem­ling’s 17th cen­tury paint­ing of the Last Judg­ment into a com­plex moral­ity tale about the Euro­pean con­quest of Me­soamer­ica. The sec­ond, “El Cakeito,” fea­tures a graf­fiti­cov­ered im­age of the Bud­dhist de­ity Tara, Ja­panese shop win­dows packed with fab­u­lous plas­tic cakes and the broth­ers’ own poured resin re­liefs de­pict­ing hun­gry faces.

The re­main­ing 20 works fall into two groups: table­top sculp­tures and wall­mounted pieces that re­call tra­di­tional re­li­gious icons and Aztec re­liefs. The De La Torre broth­ers make both from blown glass and all man­ner of cheap sou­venir trin­kets, an un­holy al­liance that is of­ten hi­lar­i­ous. Ko­plin del Rio Gallery, 6031 Washington Blvd., Cul­ver City, (310) 836-9055, through Oct. 22. Closed Sun­days and Mon­days. www.


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