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In­spi­ra­tion is like an old sock; you can never find it when you need it. Maybe that ex­plains why South went down at to­day’s game.

When West led the queen of hearts, South took dummy’s ace and led a trump to fi­nesse with his queen. West took the king, cashed the jack of hearts and led a di­a­mond.

South won and led an­other trump. When East showed out, South took the ace and tried to com­bine his chances by cash­ing the K-A of clubs. When both de­fend­ers played low, South fi­nessed with the jack of di­a­monds. East won and cashed the queen of clubs, and West also got the jack of trumps. Down two.


South’s play was badly in­spired. Can he vir­tu­ally as­sure his con­tract?

South should rely on an end play (my topic this week). South cashes the ace of trumps at Trick Two, takes the A-K of di­a­monds and ruffs dummy’s jack. He then ex­its with a heart. Whether the de­fend­ers lead a red card next (con­ced­ing a ruff-sluff), a club or a trump, South loses at most two more tricks.

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