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Whether or not for­mer Pres­i­dent Jimmy Carter’s “re­cent shrill an­tipa­thy to Is­rael and its in­ter­ests” arose from Camp David, as Tim Rut­ten sug­gests [“In Carter’s Oval Of­fice,” Sept. 21], he has been for years grotesquely un­fair to Is­rael, per­ceiv­ing the Pales­tini­ans as peo­ple with “rights” and Is­raelis as peo­ple with “de­mands.” He is cal­lously un­sym­pa­thetic to what Rut­ten elo­quently de­scribes as “the ex­is­ten­tial con­di­tion of Is­raeli lead­ers, for whom ev­ery as­pect of the peace process is a ne­go­ti­a­tion over their coun­try’s sur­vival.”

In a re­cent ap­pear­ance, Carter said he was “sorry that he alien­ated Jews.” Well, la-de-dah. It would be nice if he could say he was sorry that he got the ArabIs­raeli sit­u­a­tion so very, very wrong and that he con­tin­ues to get it wrong in his writ­ings sub­se­quent to the in­fa­mous “Peace, Not Apartheid” de­ba­cle.

When will Carter take the trou­ble to ac­tu­ally study his­tory in­stead of con­tin­u­ing to bleat out of his bor­na­gain prayer book? From me, and I sus­pect many, many Jews, whether or not sup­port­ers of Is­rael, Carter does not get a pass.

Sara Meric

Santa Mon­ica

May I re­spect­fully point out that Jimmy Carter’s “shrill an­tipa­thy to Is­rael” Rut­ten refers to is shared by the vast ma­jor­ity of coun­tries and cit­i­zens of the world. It is un­for­tu­nate he finds it nec­es­sary to dis­par­age a No­bel Prize win­ner in his zeal to pro­mote his Jewish agenda.

Don Tonty

Los An­ge­les

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