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“What do you get,” Cy the Cynic asked me, “when you cross a pair of rab­bits with a lol­lipop?”

I said I wouldn’t haz­ard a guess.

“Why, a sucker born ev­ery minute,” the Cynic chor­tled.

Cy was ex­ul­tant af­ter watch­ing Ed, my club’s best player, horns-wog­gle a good de­clarer out of a vul­ner­a­ble game. (Ed was East; Cy was West and would have been less happy had he been South.) Against four hearts, Cy led the king of spades, and South took the ace, ruffed his queen of clubs in dummy and led a trump.

Ed knew that South had no mi­nor-suit losers; the de­fense needed two spades and two trumps. So Ed played the queen.

Un­der cov­ers

“If he had fol­lowed with the 10,” Cy told me, “this de­clarer would have played low from his hand, plac­ing me with the ace be­cause of my dou­ble. But he cov­ered the queen of trumps with his king.”

Cy took the ace, cashed two high spades and, with noth­ing bet­ter to do, led a fourth spade. When dummy fol­lowed, Ed scored his 10 of trumps for the set­ting trick.

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