Flex leg mus­cles to keep them on the go

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Over­train­ing your legs or heavy strength train­ing for your thighs can lead to tight quadri­ceps and hip flexor mus­cles. It’s im­por­tant to keep these mus­cles flex­i­ble with a sim­ple move, which you can do at a wall for added sta­bil­ity. When you feel com­fort­able, move away from the wall and prac­tice hold­ing your bal­ance while prac­tic­ing this pose.


Face a flat wall and stand an arms-length away. Shift your weight over your right leg, bend your left knee and grasp your left hand around the arch of your left foot. Pull your heel in to­ward your but­tocks. Reach your right hand in front of you at shoul­der level, lightly rest­ing your fin­ger­tips on the wall. In­hale.


On an ex­ha­la­tion, con­tinue to hold on tightly to your left foot as you tilt your torso for­ward and kick back with your left leg. Keep your hips and shoul­ders fac­ing for­ward as you lean into the stretch. Fo­cus on feel­ing a deep stretch in the front of your left thigh that con­tin­ues up to the front of your left hip. Hold this pose for three to six breaths, then re­lease your leg and re­peat on the other leg.

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