Lawn bowl­ing: A quick guide

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As with horse­shoes, the ob­ject is to place as many shots as close to the tar­get, or “jack,” as pos­si­ble. A team gets one point for ev­ery shot that’s closer to the tar­get than the other team’s clos­est shot. It is some­times played till a score of 21 is reached; other times, a manda­tory num­ber of “ends,” much like in­nings or frames, is re­quired. In those cases, the team with the most points wins.


Bowl: The spher­i­cal ball it­self. Also the act of de­liv­er­ing a shot

The jack (or kitty): The white, golf-ball-size tar­get

Head: A clus­ter of team­mates’ shots

Drive: A hard shot at­tempt­ing to scat­ter op­po­nents’ shots or even the jack it­self Rink: A four-per­son team End: Es­sen­tially an in­ning

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