It took 116 gal­lons of wa­ter to pro­duce this meal

Cal­i­for­nia's crip­pling drought has prompted con­ser­va­tion ef­forts, from re­plac­ing lawns to mind­ing how long you leave the tap wa­ter run­ning. But what about what you eat? Agri­cul­ture uses 80% of Cal­i­for­nia’s wa­ter sup­ply, and pro­duc­ing the food on your plat

Los Angeles Times - - CALIFORNIA -

102 gal­lons

8-ounce steak

Beef is by far the most wa­ter-hun­gry pro­tein – roughly six times more wa­ter-in­ten­sive than chicken and two times more than pork.

11.7 gal­lons

6 ounces of rice

Cal­i­for­nia pro­duces 99% of gluti­nous rice, the white, sticky va­ri­ety, in the U.S.

1.6 gal­lons

4 fluid ounces of wine

Grapes are Cal­i­for­nia’s sec­ond-most­val­ued com­mod­ity at $5.6 bil­lion for 2013-2014. The state leads the na­tion in grape pro­duc­tion.

0.8 gal­lons

8 ounces of let­tuce

Let­tuce is Cal­i­for­nia’s sev­enth-most-val­ued com­mod­ity at $1.7 bil­lion.

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