Trickle-down the­ory

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Re “Where the wa­ter flows like money,” April 5

You just don’t get it, do you? You just don’t un­der­stand the con­cept of the word “priv­i­leged,” do you?

You just don’t com­pre­hend that in our so­ci­ety there is a small priv­i­leged class (some call it the 1%) that by in­alien­able right pos­sesses the wealth and for­tune of our civ­i­liza­tion. The rest of us are duty bound to la­bor and sac­ri­fice in or­der to main­tain and in­crease the sta­tus of the priv­i­leged class.

And you even have the nerve to sug­gest that Bev­erly Hills, for ex­am­ple, should cut back on its con­sump­tion of wa­ter? What gall! You should in­stead sug­gest ways that the rest of us can fur­ther re­strict our wa­ter con­sump­tion in or­der to main­tain the sta­tus of the es­teemed and re­spected priv­i­leged class.

Are you some kind of so­cial­ist?

Robert L. Cleve

North Hills

Mark Boster Los An­ge­les Times

LUSH LAND­SCAP­ING amid the drought is only one way af­flu­ent com­mu­ni­ties use lots of wa­ter.

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