Bul­let train has too many faults

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Re “Feel­ing rail­roaded,” May 30

Do we need to get to San Fran­cisco a few hours quicker? Is it so im­por­tant to have high-speed rail that we need to spend count­less bil­lions of dol­lars, rip com­mu­ni­ties apart and en­dure years of noisy, traf­fic-caus­ing con­struc­tion?

I just went through five years of the 405 Free­way be­ing widened — in­clud­ing the Mulholland bridge be­ing ripped down and re­built, the never-end­ing traf­fic and sud­den ramp clo­sures that made me gray, moun­tain slopes be­ing re­placed with ver­ti­cal walls that bounce the traf­fic noise right into my back gar­den — just to add a few lanes. It seems to have done noth­ing ex­cept made my home nearly im­pos­si­ble to sell.

An­ge­lenos should learn from this 405 night­mare and not al­low the bul­let train to cut our com­mu­ni­ties apart. Too bad if some­one headed to San Fran- cisco will get there a few hours later.

Shane Brolly

Sher­man Oaks

I un­der­stand the anger and frus­tra­tion that res­i­dents of the city of San Fer­nando are experiencing with the pro­jected loss of the heart of their city as a re­sult of the bul­let train. I am also con­cerned that the ex­pen­sive al­ter­na­tive routes tun­nel­ing un­der the San Gabriel Moun­tains would dis­rupt wildlife and wa­ter sources im­por­tant to Los An­ge­les and the An­ge­les Na­tional For­est.

Along with its air­port, Metrolink sta­tion and Su­per­fund cleanup site, does Bur­bank re­ally de­sire a high-speed rail sta­tion? Why not di­rectly connect Palm­dale and L.A.’s Union Sta­tion?

Katharine Paull

Kagel Canyon

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