Boys’ club is still livin’ a Hol­ly­wood dream

Los Angeles Times - - CALENDAR - By Mark Olsen

Who among us has seen pho­tos of a star — a Leonardo DiCaprio, let’s say — rid­ing a jet pack in some ex­otic lo­cale, and not won­dered about the mo­ments just be­fore or af­ter? Are they as sexy and ef­fort­less? Are those peo­ple dot­ting the back­ground the ones who called up the rental ser­vice?

Such in­sights have al­ways been the prom­ise of “En­tourage,” a show in thrall to celebrity and its tur­bu­lent wake, though the big-screen adap­ta­tion of the award-win­ning HBO se­ries seems about as in­side Hol­ly­wood as a ded­i­cated viewer of “En­ter­tain­ment Tonight.” Its lay­ers of as­pi­ra­tional op­u­lence get in the way of any­thing more gen­uine, re­veal­ing or lac­er­at­ing. It’s Hol­ly­wood for Dum­mies.

The film picks up less than a week af­ter the end of the se­ries — which has been off the air for four

Claudette Barius Warner Bros.

“EN­TOURAGE” re­unites char­ac­ters such as Vince Chase (Adrian Gre­nier, left) and Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven, sec­ond from right).

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