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Re “Huck­abee derides trans­gen­der rights,” June 3

Here is more ev­i­dence that the pres­i­den­tial cam­paign process in the United States is too lengthy and causes us to learn things about the can­di­dates that would have been bet­ter left un­known.

We are all now aware that Repub­li­can can­di­date Mike Huck­abee wanted to get into the girls’ locker room when he was in high school so that he could shower with them.

How­ever, it is a bit con­cern­ing that this com­ment was of­fered as a means of dis­cussing a topic that is very timely and is also dif­fi­cult for many to grasp. In­stead of in­tel­li­gently ap­proach­ing it, re­gard­less of what would be his fi­nal con­clu­sion, Huck­abee chose to treat it like an ado­les­cent joke.

Cam­paign­ing for pres­i­dent causes some to take strange turns, as we have seen in the past. Huck­abee now seems to be un­der­go­ing his own tran­si­tion, if you will: from so­cial-con­ser­va­tive spokesman to jerk.

Thomas Bai­ley

Long Beach

As a born-again Chris­tian, I am ap­palled by Huck­abee’s flip­pant com­ments about trans­gen­der peo­ple as re­ported in your June 3 ar­ti­cle. This man’s ig­no­rant rants do not re­flect the com­pas­sion that Je­sus Christ mod­eled or of the fel­low Chris­tians I call friends.

More Chris­tians need to speak out against th­ese and other hurt­ful non­bib­li­cal re­marks.

Jef­frey Pat­ter­son


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