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Af­ter sur­vey­ing more than 1,100 Wirecutter read­ers and us­ing six iPads to test 18 top mod­els, we can safely say that Anker’s 36W 4-Port USB Wall Charger is the best USB wall charger for most peo­ple.

At only $20, it’s es­sen­tially the same price as Ap­ple’s sin­gle-port 12W USB Power Adapter, but the Anker model can push out three times as much power and charge four de­vices at once.

In fact, it can si­mul­ta­ne­ously charge three full­size iPads at full speed while also charg­ing a smart­phone. Our read­ers said they pre­fer charg­ers that plug di­rectly into an out­let, and this is the most pow­er­ful one we tested to do so. Ad­di­tion­ally, Anker’s charger lives up to its ad­ver­tised power out­put; some of the com­pe­ti­tion does not. How we de­cided

We whit­tled down a list of 45 charg­ers by knock­ing out those that had only one or two high-speed-charg­ing ports (ex­cept for su­per­com­pact charg­ers, men­tioned be­low), had no high­speed-charg­ing ports, or had a mix of faster- and slower-charg­ing ports, re­quir­ing you to fig­ure out which one is the “right” port if you want to charge your tablet as fast as pos­si­ble.

We brought in 18 units for hands-on testing. First we con­nected an iPad Air 2 to a USB am­me­ter, which mea­sures power trans­fer.

Then we mea­sured the elec­tri­cal out­put of each port83 in all look­ing for fig- ures around 2.4 amps, the max­i­mum power draw of the tablet.

We tested the re­main­ing charg­ers with a col­lec­tion of six iPads to en­sure that the power draw didn’t drop as we added more de­vices. We used our am­me­ters to mea­sure the av­er­age draw of an orig­i­nal iPad Air and a fourth-gen­er­a­tion iPad, the mod­els that draw the high­est cur­rent, on each charger while keep­ing the other ports on that charger con­nected to the re­main­ing iPads. In closing

Anker’s 36W 4-Port USB Wall Charger is the best mul­ti­port charger for most peo­ple, but you can find other good op­tions depend­ing on the num­ber and kinds of de­vices you need to charge.

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