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“Babe and Me: A Base­ball Card Adventure” Dan Gut­man

“Babe and Me” is an awe­some book and is part of a se­ries. The main char­ac­ter’s name is Joey, and he has power to travel back in time to meet fa­mous base­ball play­ers, like Jackie Robin­son and Babe Ruth. In “Babe and Me,” Joey time trav­els to 1932 to meet Babe Ruth, but this time he brings his dad, who comes with schemes to get money.

Re­viewed by Mil­ton, 9 Park West­ern Place El­e­men­tary San Pe­dro

“Matilda” Roald Dahl

Matilda’s par­ents are mean to Matilda. They make her watch TV all day. But she wants to read. She asks her par­ents nicely, and guess what? They say no. “Why can’t you be like a nor­mal child and watch TV? No­body wants to read!” they say. But Matilda an­swers, “I do. I want to read a good book from the li­brary.” So she walks out of the house and goes to the li­brary by her­self. Then what hap­pens?

Re­viewed by Ari­anna, 6 Charnock Road El­e­men­tary Los An­ge­les

“Broth­ers” Yin

Ming goes to San Fran­cisco to join his broth­ers, Wong and Shek. When Ming and Shek en­ter Wong’s shop, they see that it is not do­ing well.

When Shek leaves to go to work, Ming gets bored and leaves Chi­na­town and meets a friend, Pa­trick. When Shek finds out, he is a bit mad.

When they get a let­ter from Wong say­ing he has to find work, Pa­trick sug­gests a plan to help the shop get cus­tomers. Read this book to find out about the plan and how it works out.

Re­viewed by Yit-Meng, 10 Vic­tor El­e­men­tary, Tor­rance

“The Candy Shops War” Bran­don Mull

Four kids — Nate, Sum­mer, Pi­geon and Trevor — walk into a candy shop. They meet the owner, a ma­gi­cian named Mrs. White. She is ca­pa­ble of mak­ing mag­i­cal candy! At night, the kids try the Moon Rocks and dis­cover that the candy makes them weight­less.

OK, I guess I don’t want to spoil any more of the story; you have to read the book!

Re­viewed by Hay­ley, 8 Ta­mura El­e­men­tary Foun­tain Val­ley

“The Fairy’s Re­turn” (Princess Tales) Gail Car­son Levine

Princess Lark is feel­ing lonely. No­body treats her like a nor­mal per­son, ex­cept Robin, the baker’s son. They fall in love with each other, but they don’t see each other for years. Mean­while, at the bak­ery, Robin is un­will­ingly be­trothed to an­other girl. Golly. Read the book to find out if Robin and Lark see each other again.

Re­viewed by Amanda, 10 Mon­terey Hills School South Pasadena

AMANDA il­lus­trated her re­view of “The Fairy’s Re­turn.”

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