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Re “U. S. not ‘ cured’ of racism, Obama says,” June 23

Pres­i­dent Obama’s pointed enun­ci­a­tion of a racial ep­i­thet dur­ing his pod­cast in­ter­view with co­me­dian Marc Maron was cor­rectly re­ported in The Times and else­where. When he said it, you could al­most hear the na­tion’s col­lec­tive in­take of breath.

We should all look for­ward to the day — sadly years hence, in all like­li­hood — when such an oc­cur­rence will not be news­wor­thy. Maybe some fu­ture so­ci­ol­o­gist will cite ar­ti­cles re­port­ing Obama’s choice of words in a dis­ser­ta­tion foot­note.

It will show fu­ture gen­er­a­tions — who, God will­ing, will have evolved past ha­tred based on color — a star­tling truth: that dur­ing this pe­riod, race re­la­tions were so mired in tragic history that the mere men­tion of the loath­some “Nword” out loud by our first black pres­i­dent, while com­pletely ap­pro­pri­ate in con­text, was for peo­ple of all races still so charged with angst that it ac­tu­ally trig­gered head­lines.

Nick LaTerza


What a poor ex­am­ple Obama has set as a sit­ting pres­i­dent be­ing in­ter­viewed on “WTF With Marc Maron.”

News an­chor Chris Schauble was de­moted at NBC for mouthing the “F- word” of “WTF” on air, but L. A. Mayor Eric Garcetti was ig­nored when he shouted the word at a sports rally in 2014.

Now the pres­i­dent — the fa­ther of two im­pres­sion­able teen girls — does an in­ter­view in which he ac­tu­ally says the N- word to make a point. Had any other non- black per­son done that, it would have been another fir­ing and a protest for sure.

There are other ways to ac­quaint “far out” folks with Obama with­out him hav­ing to say the N- word ( and sim­ply say­ing “Nword” in­stead of the ac­tual word would have done the job). Con­sid­er­ing it was the White House that ini­ti­ated this in­ter­view, it makes you won­der what is go­ing on.

Linda Roberts


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