The flag de­bate

Re “No more Con­fed­er­ate f lags,” Ed­i­to­rial, June 23

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Is a flag more sym­bolic of racism and ha­tred, or are op­pres­sive ac­tions more sym­bolic? Tak­ing down a hurt­ful sym­bol is help­ful. But what re­ally makes a dif­fer­ence is re­sults.

We need a le­gal sys­tem that doesn’t pun­ish us for be­ing poor or hav­ing skin a few shades too dark. We must end civil for­fei­ture for a “sus­pected” but un­proven crime and truly abol­ish debtors prison. What would re­ally make a dif­fer­ence would be for blacks who do have a lot of money to stop get­ting pulled over for driv­ing a nice car in a nice neigh­bor­hood. What would truly make a dif­fer­ence would be re­turn­ing to a na­tion that re­spects free­dom and jus­tice for all.

Ba­si­cally, it gets back to treat­ing peo­ple like hu­mans, even if they have been con­victed of a crime.

Shane Al­garin, San Diego

Mladen Antonov AFP/ Getty I mages

THE CON­FED­ER­ATE f lag f lies next to the mon­u­ment for vic­tims of the Civil War in Columbia, S. C.

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