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Jus­tice Scalia’s bad week.

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As the United States of Amer­ica evolves, slowly be­com­ing a more tol­er­ant and in­clu­sive na­tion, Supreme Court Jus­tice An­tonin Scalia is get­ting left be­hind, and he’s tak­ing out his wrath on Cal­i­for­nia and hip­pies.

It’s not hard to un­der­stand why Scalia has worked him­self into a lather. This has been a hor­ri­ble week for him, as he voted with the losers on two land­mark court rul­ings: Oba­macare and gay mar­riage.

He be­gan with a some­what ra­tio­nal dis­sent on Oba­macare, hand- wring­ing over the “dis­cour­ag­ing truth that the Supreme Court of the United States fa­vors some laws over oth­ers, and is pre­pared to do what­ever it takes to up­hold and as­sist its fa­vorites.”

But then he went from hand- wring­ing to knuck­le­drag­ging on the gay mar­riage de­ci­sion, ar­gu­ing that the court was pa­tri­cian, pre­ten­tious, ego­tis­ti­cal and out of touch with Amer­ica be­cause its jus­tices are suc­cess­ful lawyers ( would we want oth­er­wise?) who went to pres­ti­gious schools and grew up in ei­ther the elit­ist East or the wifty West but not the heart­land or the South.

“Not a sin­gle South­west­erner or even,” Scalia wrote, “to tell the truth, a gen­uine West­erner. ( Cal­i­for­nia does not count.)”

Do you hear that, Cal­i­for­ni­ans?

We are so pe­cu­liar that Scalia put us in paren­the­ses, like we had to be quar­an­tined. ( Is there any co­inci- dence that the swing vote came from a Cal­i­for­nia na­tive, Jus­tice An­thony M. Kennedy?)

We are west of the West, chis­eled off the map and sent f loat­ing out to sea in our f lip- f lops and board shorts, an is­land of the lost and ir­rel­e­vant.

I’m not sure how the vast mil­lions who live in the solidly con­ser­va­tive in­land and val­ley em­pires of Cal­i­for­nia feel about be­ing told they are not true Western­ers, here in the state that gave the na­tion Ron­ald Rea­gan and Richard Nixon, not to men­tion “Bo­nanza” and Buck Owens and the Bucka­roos.

But ap­par­ently in Scalia’s world, they are off the scales like the rest of us. That might not seem en­tirely ra­tio­nal, but we’re talk­ing about Scalia, af­ter all, who still seems to be twitch­ing over the hip­pie move­ment a half- cen­tury af­ter it hap­pened.

In mock­ing a ma­jor­ity opin­ion ref­er­ence to in­ti­macy and spir­i­tu­al­ity, Scalia wrote:

“Re­ally? Who ever thought that in­ti­macy and spir­i­tu­al­ity [ what­ever that means] were free­doms? And if in­ti­macy is, one would think Free­dom of In­ti­macy is abridged rather than ex­panded by mar­riage. Ask the near­est hip­pie.”

I don’t know what hip­pies have to do with it, but we’ve got plenty of them in Cal­i­for­nia, and no short­age of car­nal male­fac­tors of all sex­ual per­sua­sions.

Jus­tice Scalia has dis­cov­ered a 10th cir­cle of hell, and we are it.

There’s only one thing to do, Cal­i­for­nia. I say we tear off our clothes, fill the streets and party like drunken rab­bits.

Ray Chavez Oak­land Tri­bune

JUS­TICE AN­TONIN SCALIA had a hor­ri­ble week, vot­ing on los­ing side of two land­mark court rul­ings.

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