The ad­van­tage of re­claim­ing soil

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Re “Why waste rain?,” June 25

It is a re­lief to see al­most daily ar­ti­cles in The Times ad­dress­ing is­sues re­lated to wa­ter.

A few years ago I would have read this in­for­ma­tive piece on storm wa­ter cap­ture in Los An­ge­les and thought of the idea as a great so­lu­tion. How­ever, af­ter learn­ing about the over­whelm­ing su­pe­ri­or­ity of cre­at­ing healthy soils that not only cap­ture and hold wa­ter but also se­quester car­bon, re­duce or elim­i­nate air pol­lu­tion, pro­duce su­pe­rior crops with lit­tle or no fer­til­iz­ers or pes­ti­cides and mit­i­gate prop­erty dam­age from flood­ing, I find my­self wish­ing that more of our ef­forts were di­rected to­ward soil recla­ma­tion projects.

Hind­sight of­ten re­veals the wis­dom of look­ing at the big pic­ture. Sadly, this view is of­ten ac­com­pa­nied by a clap on one’s fore­head and a sense of re­gret at not hav­ing in­cluded this big pic­ture when mak­ing im­por­tant de­ci­sions.

I look for­ward to a not­too-dis­tant fu­ture in which prop­erty own­ers and com­mu­ni­ties take pride not in how abun­dant their fo­liage is, but how much wa­ter is cap­tured on their land. Jeanne Kuntz

Los An­ge­les

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