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Re “A Gal­lic take on U.S. pol­i­tics,” Opin­ion, June 24

Af­ter the sense­less tragedy in Charleston, S.C., I re­solved to read more for­eign news, es­pe­cially from the other ad­vanced, de­vel­oped democ­ra­cies.

It would be a per­verse com­fort to know that the ridicu­lous prob­lems we have in this coun­try, which are some­how im­pos­si­ble to solve, also ex­ist in older and os­ten­si­bly wiser coun­tries too. And that their peo­ple, like ours, shake their heads in dis­be­lief over their gov­ern­ments and politi­cians.

Doyle McManus re­ports on a lit­tle bit of that when he ob­serves that the French have their own word, “la mo­rosite,” mean­ing “na­tional funk.”

Can The Times ex­pand its cov­er­age of news in other first-world na­tions? You know, so Amer­i­cans don’t feel like our coun­try is “ex­cep­tional” in ex­actly the wrong way.

Zareh De­lanchian


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