Los Angeles Times - - COMICS - By Frank Ste­wart

“The ‘new’ Grape­fruit lasted three days,” Cy the Cynic told me.

Grape­fruit, our club mem­ber with a sour mood, had an­nounced that he was eas­ing up on his part­ners.

“Grape­fruit was North,” Cy said. “At 3NT South took the ace of spades and led the ten of clubs to fi­nesse. East won and re­turned a spade. South won but had only eight tricks. When he led a heart, East won, and West took three spades for down one.

“Grape­fruit couldn’t stand it,” Cy the Cynic went on. “He told South that he was so dumb, his dog prob­a­bly taught him tricks.”

South must win the first spade in dummy and lead a heart. If East grabs his ace to clear the spades, South has three hearts, two spades, two di­a­monds and two clubs. If East plays low, South at­tacks the clubs for nine tricks. If West has the ace of hearts, South still has chances.

“I guess Grape­fruit de­cided he has to live up to his rep­u­ta­tion,” I said.

Ques­tion: You hold: ♠ A2 ♥ KQJ9 ♦ AK32 ♣ 10 9 6. The dealer, at your right, opens one spade. You dou­ble, the next player raises to two spades, and your part­ner bids three hearts. The open­ing bid­der passes. What do you say?

An­swer: Your part­ner may have stuck out his neck to com­pete. When the op­po­nents have opened the bid­ding and raised, there aren’t many high-card points left for him. Still, raise to four hearts. Part­ner may hold 6 5 4,108653,Q54,A3.

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