With­out Trout, An­gels may take a head­first dive

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With­out Mike Trout, I can see more peo­ple in the Cinnabon line at the Big A than watching the game.

Richard Katz

Los An­ge­les

I agree it will take a team ef­fort for the An­gels to make it through Mike Trout’s in­jury. I just wish they had a bet­ter team to make the ef­fort.

Ron Reeve


With all the saber­met­rics in baseball, what is the in­ci­dence of in­jury be­tween head­first slides com­pared to feet-first? My guess is that it is much higher with head­first, thus the loss of the best player in baseball to­day, Mike Trout, for six to eight weeks.

Man­ager Scios­cia and GM Ep­pler both share that they are re­luc­tant to have a player change his slid­ing method that is in­stinc­tual. Re­ally? I didn’t think there was any­thing left in baseball that is still done by in­stinct.

Wayne Mu­ra­matsu


Af­ter be­ing an An­gels fan since 1961, I am now switch­ing over to the Dodgers. Too em­bar­rass­ing to fol­low a team with so many in­com­pe­tent play­ers. Man­age­ment should be ashamed.

Greg Fuller

Santa Mon­ica

Blue crew

I know, I know. Of the few of us here in South­ern Cal­i­forniia able to watch Dodgers broad­casts, is any­one else sick and tired of Her­shiser’s dron­ing on and on about how it was like when he was pitch­ing?

Alex Fer­nan­dez


I chal­lenge any­one to ex­plain Ma­jor League Baseball’s TV rules as far as the Dodgers are con­cerned. Last week the ESPN Dodgers game was not blacked out lo­cally. How­ever, on Wed­nes­day the Dodgers Car­di­nals game was not shown from L.A. to Las Ve­gas.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Dodgers would do the moral thing and of­fer some of the $8.3 bil­lion back to Spec­trum? Then per­haps Spec­trum would charge less to the var­i­ous satel­lite and ca­ble chan­nels. I know this won’t hap­pen, be­cause from D.C. to L.A., moral­ity has dis­ap­peared.

Fred Wallin

West­lake Vil­lage

The Dodgers’ front of­fice is to be com­mended for sign­ing Chase Ut­ley for an­other year. His veteran pres­ence was big last year in Corey Sea­ger’s great rookie year, and this year the tremen­dous in­flu­ence of Chase is seen once again. It is quite vis­i­ble that once he got rolling the team took his cue and is rolling too. This 38-year-old re­minds me of play­ers from the past whose work ethic is sec­ond to none. He is pro­duc­ing very nicely and shows in­tan­gi­bles he had with the cham­pion Phillies.

Nathan Gleiber­man

Sher­man Oaks

Chase Ut­ley plays the game of baseball ex­actly the way it should be taught, with quiet pas­sion and a veteran’s love of the old sport.

Shel Wil­lens

Los An­ge­les

The Dodgers are play­ing great baseball, but fan ex­cite­ment seems muted. Imag­ine if the games were on TV. L.A. would be ec­static and a whole new gen­er­a­tion of kids would be­come die-hard fans. The own­er­ship greed on the TV deal may have killed the golden goose.

Richard Den­ni­son


Tiger trou­bles

Ap­par­ently Tiger Woods thinks if you’re be­hind the wheel in the mid­dle of the night on drugs it’s not as bad as if you had been drink­ing. Pre­vi­ously he claimed to be pain free, yet it sounds like pain meds were in­volved. Why was he mix­ing meds in the first place? Why was he at the wheel at 3 a.m.?

His at­tempt to spin this is as weak as his golf game.

Dave Thoma


Far be it for me to scru­ti­nize gazil­lion­aire Tiger Woods’ life. He has, af­ter all, helped thou­sands of kids, made fel­low golfers rich, and cap­ti­vated our lives with some un­be­liev­able golf, but mix­ing pre­scrip­tion meds and driv­ing around at 3 in the morn­ing in a stu­por prob­a­bly isn’t what his doc­tor or­dered.

Marty Foster

San Francisco

Who knew Tiger Woods would even­tu­ally at­tain an­other ma­jor in 2017? Sadly, it’s a ma­jor life/ca­reer faux pas.

Mark J. Feather­stone

Wind­sor Hills

If the shoe f its ...

In the Mon­day ar­ti­cle on Gyasi Zardes, we read “once tak­ing the cus­tom-made cleats off his own feet and giv­ing them to a shy boy be­fore driv­ing home bare­foot.”

Are you im­ply­ing that he would have driven his car wear­ing soc­cer cleats?!

Bob Lentz


LaVar’s world

Par­ents brag­ging about their chil­dren, while an­noy­ing, is un­der­stand­able. What LaVar Ball has done is to­tally dif­fer­ent. He is us­ing his son to pub­li­cize him­self. Say­ing how he could have beaten Michael Jor­dan one on one. Look back at all of the quotes from LaVar. He uses the pro­noun “we” as much if not more than “he.”

Other fa­thers stay in the back­ground and show love and pride for their chil­dren. Not LaVar. He uses his son to make up for the or­di­nary life he has led. For a fa­ther to horn in on his son’s suc­cess to en­rich his ego and wal­let is both dis­gust­ing and pa­thetic.

Mike Lor­raine Simi Val­ley

Not the Fi­nals word

Coaches don’t win NBA games, play­ers do. Ex­hibit A: Mike Brown. Ex­hibit B: Luke Wal­ton. What a dif­fer­ence a move be­tween the Lak­ers and War­riors has been for both men.

Ken Feld­man

Los An­ge­les

Con­sid­er­ing Cleveland’s de­fen­sive ef­fort, Game 1 re­sem­bled an NBA All-Star game.

David Mar­shall

Santa Mon­ica

Well, now LeBron is get­ting a taste of his own medicine. This year’s NBA Fi­nals will be pay­back for what he and Chris Bosh pulled in Mi­ami.

Richard Raf­falow

Val­ley Glen

Lo­cal news

Af­ter read­ing the terms of Chris Paul’s and Blake Grif­fin’s pos­si­ble max con­tracts with the Clip­pers, I think any talk of ei­ther player opt­ing out is an ex­am­ple of fake news.

Loren Cole­man

West Hol­ly­wood

Jerry West pub­licly states that he would like to end his ca­reer in some ca­pac­ity with the Lak­ers. No-brainer, Magic.

Dave Moore

Santa Ana

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AN IN­JURED Mike Trout watches Al­bert Pu­jols’ pur­suit of 600 homers from the dugout Wed­nes­day night.

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