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Re “Mono­rail over 405 may ease traf­fic, Garcetti says,” June 14

Shades of Dis­ney­land — now we’re talk­ing. It has taken 52 years af­ter the mono­rail opened there for L.A. to se­ri­ously con­sider

build­ing its own.

I was liv­ing in West­wood when the 405 Free­way widen­ing was be­ing planned. I joined oth­ers at com­mu­nity meet­ings to pro­pose that a mono­rail be built through the Sepul­veda Pass. We showed how the con­cept would not ob­struct any car lane, but the idea nonethe­less gen­er­a­tion op­po­si­tion from res­i­dents who deemed it an eye­sore and was not se­ri­ously con­sid­ered.

Now that the 405 project has been com­pleted and we see no dis­cernible change in free­way con­ges­tion, more peo­ple think look­ing at the eye­sore would be bet­ter than breath­ing in the fumes from idling cars.

A mono­rail would be clean, would not push down prop­erty val­ues like a wider free­way and would not re­quire bur­row­ing a tun­nel, there­fore re­duc­ing con­struc­tion time and costs. It is not a Mickey Mouse idea. Don A. Nor­man

Los An­ge­les

Build­ing a mono­rail over the 405 is a wrong­headed idea. Tran­sit rid­ers do not be­long on or above free­ways.

We do not want to breathe in toxic ve­hi­cle ex­haust, dam­age our hear­ing from the noises or be iso­lated in a free­way’s con­crete waste­land. Tran­sit rid­ers do a ser­vice to the city, and we de­serve not to be tied to the car cul­ture.

Plus, how safely could emer­gency pro­ce­dures be car­ried out on a mono­rail car stranded over the 405? That free­way is of­ten grid­locked, and get­ting emer­gency ve­hi­cles to the site would take a long time. And how happy would driv­ers be if lanes must be shut down to tend to emer­gen­cies? Matthew Hetz

Los An­ge­les

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