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Re “June Foray, voice ac­tress be­hind Rocky J. Squir­rel, dies,” Obit­u­ary, July 27

I grew up in the ’50s and ’60s. “The Bull­win­kle Show” and some of its char­ac­ters were my top choices. All us kids loved, and lived for, car­toons, and I knew that June Foray and Mel Blanc voiced my fa­vorites.

About 1975, I was fly­ing back to L.A. af­ter fin­ish­ing a low-rent the­atri­cal tour of the East­ern Seaboard. I in­tro­duced my­self to my seat­mate, then hy­per­ven­ti­lated as she replied, “And I’m June Foray.”

Although she was ap­par­ently try­ing to keep a low pro­file, she re­galed me the en­tire flight with sto­ries about her life, her in-the-works au­to­bi­og­ra­phy, and then fa­vored me with so many of her voices.

Thank you, June Foray, for be­ing a won­der­ful tal­ent, and a gen­er­ous and kind per­son. I’ll never for­get you, or that flight.

Sharon Solomon


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