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I read Bill Plaschke’s col­umn af­ter the the Yu Darvish trade and re­al­ized that the base­ball sea­son was over. The Dodgers won the World Se­ries, Fried­man and Zaidi were ex­ec­u­tives of the year and Roberts the man­ager of the year. Bill dis­re­garded Darvish’s strug­gles this year as “trade-dis­tracted num­bers” and ig­nored his poor record against Na­tional League teams as ir­rel­e­vant, I guess.

I felt bad. And then I re­mem­bered Plaschke rarely, if ever, knows what he is talk­ing about. The sea­son is back on. Bert Ber­gen La Cañada

Last night I had a night­mare. I dreamed that Yu Darvish de­vel­oped blis­ters on his pitch­ing hand af­ter shak­ing hands with Bran­don McCarthy and Rich Hill. He was placed on the DL with no timetable for his re­turn. Jeff Her­show Wood­land Hills

Con­grat­u­la­tions to the Dodgers on the ac­qui­si­tion of Mr. Darvish. The ar­ti­cle on the trade failed to re­veal whether it will take him two or three in­nings to match the com­bined an­nual earn­ings of Sandy Ko­ufax and Don Drys­dale in their hold­out year. Kevin Park Mis­sion Hills

So, Yu Darvish could ex­pe­ri­ence the same prob­lems Rick Hon­ey­cutt did when traded to the Dodgers 34 years ago? To para­phrase the clas­sic com­ment from the vice pres­i­den­tial de­bates al­most 20 years ago: Rick, I know Yu Darvish. You were no Yu Darvish. Jeff Kan­del Los An­ge­les

“Hey, Dave Roberts, I’m your new catcher who just came over in a trade. So, af­ter each pitch, I throw the ball back to who?” “Yu.” “How can I throw the ball back to my­self? I al­ready have it.”

“No, you throw it back to Yu.” “I throw it back to you?” “Ex­actly.” “Why would I throw the ball to you? You’re the man­ager … in the dugout.”

“No. You don’t throw it to me. You throw it to Yu.” “Ummm…. Third base?” Come on … Yu — oops, sorry — you had to know this was com­ing, right? Axel W. Kys­ter Brad­bury ::

“I think it will def­i­nitely be an emo­tional boost for the team,” gen­eral man­ager Farhan Zaidi said.

Like the Car­los Ruiz for A.J. El­lis trade? That was a real emo­tional boost. Alex Fer­nan­dez Lake­wood

I just watched the Dodgers again blow a lead and lose the game Wed­nes­day. I could be wrong, but this seems to hap­pen like clock­work once ev­ery 54 games they’re lead­ing. PJ Gen­dell Bev­erly Hills

The Dodgers’ re­mark­able 53-game record that they es­tab­lished for win­ning games where they at least held a lead was good be­cause it re­minds me about the great Don Drys­dale, and his num­ber 53. Iron­i­cally, when they lost by a 5-3 score, Big D might have been watch­ing from up­stairs. Their spe­cial year con­tin­ues and I am very hope­ful they will win it all. Nate Gleiber­man Sher­man Oaks

I re­call read­ing a ar­ti­cle on the Dodgers’ TV deal not long af­ter it was done, wherein Magic John­son was quoted as say­ing to the ef­fect that he would not let the con­tro­versy con­tinue. And here we are, four or so years later, no set­tle­ment, none on the hori­zon, and Magic’s never been called out on his re­marks.

With all the rev­enue the own­er­ship has reaped since they bought the team, is it that much of stretch for them to sub­si­dize the Spec­trumDirecTV con­tro­versy a buck or so, so that all Dodgers fans can see all the games? How about a lit­tle help here, Magic? It’s time. David Esterkes La Cañada

Magic John­son and his fel­low Dodgers own­ers have thrown a mean­ing­less bone to the team’s faith­ful. Dodgers fans will be able to watch the last six Tues­day games of the sea­son on free tele­vi­sion. Big deal. The Dodgers should have a 25-game lead by then and will be rest­ing ev­ery­body in­clud­ing the bat­boy.

By the way, is that the same Magic John­son who’s the new savior of the Lak­ers? Just won­der­ing. Gary H. Miller En­cino

So don’t watch An­gels pet peeves: Al­bert Pu­jols bat­ting in the mid­dle of the or­der while in a slump.

Kole Cal­houn step­ping out of the bat­ter’s box af­ter ev­ery pitch.

Mike Scios­cia’s ques­tion­able pitch­ing and pinch­hit­ting moves. Ken Blake Brea

Home for the Games As is well known, the city of Los An­ge­les has a se­ri­ous hous­ing short­age. The 2028 Olympic games will use stu­dent dorms at UCLA and USC to house the ath­letes. A bet­ter plan would be to con­struct a new Olympic vil­lage for the Games, paid for by the In­ter­na­tional Olympic Com­mit­tee. This hous­ing could then be con­verted to hous­ing for the poor and home­less at the con­clu­sion of the Games.

It is not too late to ne­go­ti­ate for this be­cause the fi­nal agree­ment has not been signed be­tween the IOC and the Los An­ge­les or­ga­niz­ing com­mit­tee. We have lever­age over the IOC. Let’s use it! Bob Lentz Syl­mar

Ram tough? Hey St. Lou, er, Los An­ge­les Rams, what are you do­ing? Don’t play hard­ball with the best player on our team. If you can pay Tavon Austin, re­ward­ing Aaron Don­ald is a no-brainer. If Les Snead screws this up, I’m go­ing to can­cel my sea­son tick­ets and be­come a Charg­ers fan. Vic­tor Se­govia Or­ange

As a na­tive Chicagoan who has watched the Rams too­tle around UC Irvine in their golf carts, I have to won­der what Dick Butkus would say if he saw them. But I think I can guess. I be­lieve he’d say it’s fine, the ladies prob­a­bly need them. Larry Cahill Irvine

You know, it just doesn’t seem right read­ing about the Rams and the Charg­ers on the same L.A. sports page. The Rams were gone for so long from L.A., then they sud­denly show up, and lo and be­hold, here come the Charg­ers. Nei­ther team has been to a Su­per Bowl re­cently, and nei­ther team seems very in­ter­est­ing, although the Charg­ers at least are usu­ally en­ter­tain­ing un­til the fourth quar­ter.

Mean­while, San Diego sits down there with an empty sta­dium. The NFL needs to move a team into that city, and wouldn’t it be just won­der­ful if it wiped up West Coast NFL like a tor­nado? Chet Che­be­gia San Mar­cos

The IX fac­tor With an NCAA demon­stra­bly prej­u­diced against USC in its over-prose­cu­tion of the Reg­gie Bush case, we don’t need our own in-house Salem Witch Court, the Ti­tle IX Com­mit­tee (in­ves­ti­gat­ing Matt Bo­er­meester), fol­low­ing a script from Or­well’s 1984.

Trans­parency? Ac­count­abil­ity? Robert D. Robin­son Azusa

That hurts I’m try­ing to guess how many let­ters you re­ceived with vari­ants of “Gal­li­nari plays and punches the Clip­per way,” “Gal­li­nari and Grif­fin, the ortho­pe­dic front court,” or “Two bro­ken hands are bet­ter than one” etc. Forty let­ters? Fifty? Fifty­one, count­ing mine? Ben­nett Tramer Santa Mon­ica

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SOME DIDN’T SEE Yu Darvish as a savior. Then he went out and sti­fled the Mets in his first NL start.

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