Joe Tru­jillo's '48 Chevy Fleet­line

When it comes to liv­ing out your dreams, there are two types of peo­ple: Those who wait for op­por­tu­nity to ar­rive and those who go out and cre­ate it. Of the two, the first tend to get passed up by life, but the lat­ter live by the old adage of: “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me”—and th­ese tend to be the hus­tlers and go-get­ters who live life to the fullest. This is ex­actly the case for Joe Tru­jillo.

When the time came to build the car he’s loved since child­hood, he set out on a mis­sion to scour the Net and ev­ery avail­able re­source he had. He was on the hunt for the highly elu­sive '48 Chevy, but in an odd way it al­most seemed as if the Seat­tle rain had swept away any op­por­tu­nity. He soon found out that the sur­round­ing ar­eas were com­pletely dry of any in­ven­tory, and while it may have been a rude awak­en­ing it wasn’t enough to stop him from achiev­ing the dream.

Some­time later Joe found him­self at the gro­cery store and that’s when he picked up a lo­cal “buy and sell” mag­a­zine. As he flipped through the pages there it was in full glory, his “ran­fla,” his '48 dream car. With­out hes­i­ta­tion, he made all the nec­es­sary ar­range­ments and shot out to pick it up. “I bought it, brought it home, got it run­ning, and drove it all over the city,” Joe says about his then-new ac­qui­si­tion.

To be­gin phase two of his build, Joe be­gan send­ing parts to get chromed and as parts were get­ting sent all through­out town he re­al­ized that now would be the per­fect time to do a frame-off restora­tion. So along with the help of his son, Hec­tor, and friend, Har­ley David­son (yes, that’s his real name), the three be­gan a la­bo­ri­ous restora­tion that would span the length of 21⁄2 years.

It’s a build with a laun­dry list of mod­i­fi­ca­tions but the fi­nal prod­uct is a dream car for not only Joe, but also any­one who lays eyes on it. It’s a piece of Amer­i­can his­tory brought back to life with lowrid­ing flair and proof that all things are pos­si­ble so long as you have laser-like fo­cus, am­bi­tion, and the pa­tience to power past the fin­ish line.

Now 70 years later, this Seat­tle fast­back is still the most de­sired throw­back.

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