See­ing Dreams



Scott Beran's '77 Cadil­lac Coupe De Ville

One of the most re­ward­ing parts of build­ing a lowrider is watch­ing your dreams come to life. There’s noth­ing more sat­is­fy­ing, noth­ing more re­ward­ing. And for Chicago na­tive Scott Beran, it’s the part of the process that he wasn’t able to see.

Di­ag­nosed with di­a­betes at 6 years old, Scott was put on in­sulin to bal­ance out his blood sugar. Grow­ing up, Scott first took note of the lowrider cul­ture from mag­a­zines and lo­cal car shows and it didn’t take long be­fore he found the need to cus­tom­ize his own car. By the time he was 18 Scott pur­chased a Geo Tracker that he cus­tom­ized and started to take to shows; and this was the be­gin­ning of his jour­ney.

In his early twen­ties Scott wanted to ex­er­cise his creative ex­pres­sions, so he bought a Buick Re­gal and a '62 Im­pala. His plans were grandiose for the Im­pala as Scott was in the process of mak­ing plans to cus­tom­ize it. In 2002, Scott had 20/20 vi­sion, but due to di­a­betes-re­lated com­pli­ca­tions he be­came blind by the end of 2003. By the be­gin­ning of 2004, Scott had lost his light per­cep­tion, which meant he could no longer tell if it was day­time or night­time. “I went through over 14 dif­fer­ent eye op­er­a­tions to try to save my eye­sight,” Scott tells LR. “Noth­ing helped me.”

Dur­ing his first year be­ing blind Scott spi­raled into de­pres­sion, and with mount­ing med­i­cal bills was forced to sell off his ve­hi­cles. Re­al­iz­ing that a self-in­duced pity party was do­ing him no good, Scott kicked him­self into gear and de­cided it was time to get back to what he loved. With

in­tent, Scott wanted to come back to lowriding but this time around he was in it to win it. He knew of a guy sell­ing a '77 Cadil­lac Coupe De Ville with good bones. He had seen it at shows, and al­though it was orig­i­nally built as a street hop­per, Scott had plans to make it a show­stop­per.

The process be­gan with A & R Plat­ing han­dling the un­der­car­riage while West Coast Me­tal­works han­dled all the chrome plat­ing and body­work, re­spectably. The next step was giv­ing the Caddy some gid­dyap by way of a Corvette 305, but with an en­gine this strong it was time to give the paint some pick up as well. So Coast One flew in from Cal­i­for­nia to lay down some in­tense graph­ics and some rich House of Kolor Ori­en­tal Blue. Prior to the clearcoat, the fel­las took Scott’s hand and guided him all around the car so he could feel the graph­ics and ap­prove of the pat­terns.

Since the coupe had been cut for hop­ping, Scott wanted to turn it into some­thing more prac­ti­cal. The four pump setup was re­moved and Johnny Rivera added a cus­tom three-pump setup with four Adex dumps along with hard lines to give him more room in the trunk. A cus­tom LED-lit Imag­i­na­tions-etched acrylic plaque was built by his good friend Hec­tor, along with a 44-inch moon­roof.

The next step was com­pletely over­haul­ing the in­te­rior to give it a new cus­tom feel, start­ing with the

'74 Thun­der­bird bucket seats. Once the Cadil­lac was fi­nally fin­ished, Scott had his friend drive it to a lo­cal lowrider show with Scott rid­ing

shot­gun. In a large open park­ing lot Scott grabbed the keys and ac­tu­ally drove the car and hit the switches for the first time, giv­ing him a true feel­ing of com­ple­tion and pride.

Scott wishes to thank his daugh­ter Alissa, who cur­rently owns Scott’s first lowrider Tracker, as well as all the mem­bers of Imag­i­na­tions Chicago for mak­ing sure he had a hand in the en­tire build through his de­ci­sions and thoughts. A special thanks goes to Coast One, Cadil­lac Con­nect, Fos­setts and Fil­ters, AL Marquez, Phil and Mar­itza, Johnny Rivera, A & R Plat­ing, Hec­tor OG Moon­roofs, Vic­tory Up­hol­stery, Bryan Slinkard, Michael Allen, John Beran, and ev­ery­one who has driven the car for him. "See­ing Dreams" was built with a dream and a vi­sion that Scott may phys­i­cally lack but a pas­sion and heart that will never die.

Only the gifted in heart can see their dreams come true.

Imag­i­na­tions Car Club, family, and friends saw this vi­sion Scott Beran had, and ev­ery­one got to­gether and his dream came to fruition.

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