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Dear Ed­i­tor,

It was so in­ter­est­ing learn­ing about Philadel­phia Fash­ion De­signer Le­grand Le­seur in Luxe Beat Mag­a­zine’s last is­sue. Can I look for­ward to monthly fash­ion in­ter­views with de­sign­ers in the fu­ture?

Jane H. Modesto, CA

Dear Jane,

Yes, we’re run­ning a reg­u­lar monthly col­umn on up and com­ing fash­ion de­sign­ers. Our fash­ion ed­i­tors are on the prowl for in­ter­est­ing de­sign­ers, with a cut­ting edge style. Those who are uti­liz­ing en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly ma­te­ri­als and prac­tices are of in­ter­est as well.

Sher­rie Wilko­laski Ed­i­tor-in-chief

Dear Ed­i­tor,

I was de­lighted to read Global Eti­quette: En­joy­able Con­ver­sa­tions, and laughed out loud when I read about “turn­ing the ta­ble”! While some eti­quette tra­di­tions re­main stan­dard, I’m happy that women are no longer ex­pected to carry that par­tic­u­lar one on.

Feel­ing Lib­er­ated in Ver­mont

Dear Feel­ing Lib­er­ated in Ver­mont,

Th­ese are the ques­tions I en­joy­ing see­ing in our “Let­ters to the Ed­i­tor” sec­tion! In this par­tic­u­lar Global Eti­quette col­umn, it reads, “Years ago, there was a prac­tice that was called “turn­ing of the ta­ble”. When the host­ess would turn from the man on her right to the man on the left, the rest of the women at the ta­ble would fol­low.” It is this type of de­tail that is what helps make this col­umn, by Maralyn D. Hill, and other ar­ti­cles through­out our pub­li­ca­tion in­ter­est­ing. Thank you for tak­ing no­tice.

Sher­rie Wilko­laski Ed­i­tor-in-chief

Dear Ed­i­tor,

Hi­malayan High Life in Paro, Bhutan was a fas­ci­nat­ing ar­ti­cle! I’m so cu­ri­ous; how do Luxe Beat Mag­a­zine’s au­thors choose the par­tic­u­lar des­ti­na­tions that they write about?

Sam O. Tip­tonville, TN

Dear Sam,

We have writ­ers from all walks of life, writ­ing for us all over the globe. Many have des­ti­na­tions that are of in­ter­est to them per­son­ally, and they may write about that. Oth­ers are sent out on as­sign­ment, be­cause we’re in­ter­ested in cov­er­ing a spe­cific place or ex­pe­ri­ence. In many cases, a writer is se­lected by a des­ti­na­tion, or hote­lier be­cause of their pre­vi­ous writ­ing ex­pe­ri­ence and they are then brought out to a site lo­ca­tion to write a story. We ex­pect that our writ­ers to write their hon­est opin­ions about their travel ex­pe­ri­ences. We are not look­ing for ar­ti­cles that just high­light what a des­ti­na­tion might want to pro­mote. The world is a big place and we are in­ter­ested in cov­er­ing the most unique, and lux­u­ri­ous ex­pe­ri­ences.

Sher­rie Wilko­laski Ed­i­tor-in-chief

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