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things,” says Webb. “Is it safe or un­safe? Clear or un­clear?” Re­mem­ber­ing to breathe deeply, the Mi­raval “mantra,” I calmed my nerves and mirac­u­lously was able to get the horse to fol­low my di­rec­tions. It was definitely a “horse whis­perer” mo­ment and one for the mem­ory books.

All this ac­tiv­ity, fresh air and in­tro­spec­tion do won­ders to stim­u­late the ap­petite. But, if you think you’ll be re­stricted to a Spar­tan diet sim­ply be­cause you’re at a spa, think again. Mi­raval’s award-win­ning cui­sine is cre­ated with the be­lief that healthy in­gre­di­ents can also mean ex­quis­ite fla­vor. Guests are en­cour­aged to ex­plore mind­ful eat­ing and dis­cover tasty, sat­is­fy­ing dishes that are mod­er­ate in calo­ries and fat. For those in­ter­ested in learn­ing healthy cook­ing tips and tricks, the spa of­fers a va­ri­ety of in­struc­tive culi­nary work­shops and cook­ing demos.

Meal­time at Mi­raval is a won­der­ful op­por­tu­nity to con­nect and share ex­pe­ri­ences with oth­ers. Don’t worry if you come solo. You’ll be in good com­pany, as there are oth­ers who have cho­sen to make this jour­ney on their own.

e all hate the feel­ing of get­ting off the plane feel­ing sick and tired. There couldn’t be a worse way to get your feet on new ground. Make the most out of your trip by preparing prop­erly, trav­el­ing with the right tools, and feel­ing/look­ing great when you land so that you can fully enjoy the whole jour­ney. Us­ing th­ese 15 sim­ple tips, you can set your­self up for stress-free trav­el­ing with sky-high glam­our!


1. When book­ing your flight, make a spe­cial meal re­quest ac­cord­ing to your di­etary stan­dards. We highly rec­om­mend a fish or low sodium meal to keep you full and puffi­ness at bay. 2. In the days lead­ing to your trip, be mind­ful of your ev­ery­day health. Try to get proper amounts of sleep and avoid as much stress as pos­si­ble—or learn the cop­ing mech­a­nisms to han­dle it well. This will help to dis­cour­age un­der eye bags and break outs from ap­pear­ing. 3. Plan and shop ahead of time for des­ti­na­tion de­pen­dent es­sen­tials you might not have al­ready. Make a list of what you need to bring and do not pack last minute.

The day of...

4. Wear com­fort­able, soft cloth­ing and layer up. You want to be pre­pared for chang­ing cli­mates and cold planes, but avoid pa­ja­mas. You won’t feel ready to take on the day af­ter your trip. Max, our re­versible and con­vert­ible scarf/cape with de­tach­able sash, can be worn at least 8 dif­fer­ent ways and is the per­fect flight-and-be­yond com­pan­ion.

5. Get to the air­port early and check in in ad­vance so you can set­tle in and hang out in the lounge.

This helps re­duce the stress of get­ting to the air­port in time and rush­ing with a fraz­zled dis­po­si­tion.


6. Keep your hair tied back and off face to keep skin clear. 7. Drink wa­ter. Plane air is very dry. And the small cups they bring around dur­ing the food ser­vice are not enough. Drink more wa­ter to keep your skin happy and stop you from feel­ing bloated and tired from de­hy­dra­tion. Bring your own wa­ter bot­tle and ask flight at­ten­dant to fill the bot­tle up for you so you can drink plenty of wa­ter through out the flight.

8. Get up and walk.

At least once an hour get up even to go to bath­room to keep blood flow­ing and stop you from get­ting sore. 9. Bring your own snacks with­out too much salt. Health­ier snacks will keep you from feel­ing gross and save you money

since you won’t need to buy them at air­port or on plane.

10. Make up re­mover pads.

We rec­om­mend wear­ing lit­tle to no make up, but if you do make sure to re­move it be­fore go­ing to sleep. Also, don’t use wa­ter in bath­rooms to wash your face - the wa­ter isn’t clean. 11. Pack a travel tooth­brush or gum to make your breath feel fresh un­til you can check into your ho­tel and freshen up. 12. Bring your beauty es­sen­tials with you.

• Dry sham­poo can make your hair feel fresh af­ter a long flight.

• Leave-in con­di­tioner is great for dry ends. • A hy­drat­ing fa­cial mist. • Mois­tur­izer for face, eye (eye cream), and lips (lip balm)

• SPF - You are closer to the sun when in flights, es­pe­cially if you sit by the win­dow.

• And you can bring what­ever make up you can’t leave the house with­out for touch ups.

13. Carry a hat.

It helps to hide slept on hair and then you don’t need to worry about it get­ting squished in your checked bag.

14. If it’s a long flight, make sure you get a good sleep.

Pack an eye mask and ear plugs, don’t start an ex­cit­ing movie right be­fore you want to go to bed. Use the time on the plane to try to start switch­ing over to the new time zone if needed.

15. Con­sider in­vest­ing in com­pres­sion socks.

It may sound a bit old lady-like, but it’s ac­tu­ally a great way to keep your legs from feel­ing sore and tired, and the added cir­cu­la­tion can help ward off spi­der veins. We hope th­ese tips for trav­el­ing in com­fort and style are easy enough to fol­low and make use of. Find lit­tle ways to treat your body and skin well on a daily ba­sis. You will feel and look more rested and healthy in the long run. Re­mem­ber you can bring 3 oz. con­tain­ers of your fa­vorite beauty prod­ucts with you on the plane, so there’s no rea­son why you can’t feel and look beau­ti­ful even on your long­est flights. By the time you’ve put all of th­ese tips into prac­tice all of your trav­els will be a breeze!

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