Marlin - - EDITOR'S LETTER - Capt. Andy Puerto Aven­turas, Mex­ico

One thing that ev­ery­one leaves out when the discussion of Who Kills More [From the Bridge, April/May 2017] comes up — and it re­ally bugs me — is when tak­ing the fish out for a pic­ture, a lot of crews around here, the mate and sec­ond mate knee the fish to sub­due it so they can take the hook out and then take the pic­ture. You know that’s a dead fish at that point! I have a cheap GoPro on a stick: We lift the head of the fish out of the water and get the pic of the client with his fish. The fish never comes aboard that way.

As far as num­bers go, I feel that if we are lucky enough to have caught a beau­ti­ful bill­fish and the client is not happy, then I have not done my job, be it one fish or 10.

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