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Ad­vance­ments, op­er­a­tions and re­cent splashes

We have a love-hate re­la­tion­ship with the dredge. Not much else will pull a hun­gry mar­lin or sail­fish into the spread like these il­lu­sion­ary bait­balls. Rig with nat­u­ral baits, ar­ti­fi­cials or a mix of both — on most days, the fish don’t seem to care. It can also be a mul­ti­armed night­mare that’s ex­pen­sive to rig and fish cor­rectly. One wrong move or weak link and there goes $500 or more in gear, straight to the bot­tom. But if you want to con­sis­tently raise bill­fish, the dredge is hard to beat.

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