Fol­low­ing up on your story in the June/July is­sue on live-bait­ing for gi­ant blue marlin, we had our own en­counter re­cently in the Gulf of Mex­ico. We had al­ready caught four nice yel­lowfins, then along came a mon­ster blue — the marlin just kept do­ing laps around the boat like a hun­gry pit bull. I tossed out a big live hard­tail, but the fish had no in­ter­est in it. The only other thing we had in the boat was a 70-pound tuna, so I asked the clients if they wanted to sac­ri­fice one of their fish. They said let’s do it, and within 30 sec­onds, the marlin grabbed the tuna from un­der the boat and swam off. Af­ter about a 30-count drop-back, I came tight, and it was off to the races. Andy Dolich was on the rod, and he did a great job. The fish stayed deep for the first 20 min­utes, then came up and put on an awe­some show. About an hour later, we had the fish along­side the boat. It was hard to get a good mea­sure­ment be­cause the marlin was still green and full of life, so we cut it loose and watched it swim off in good shape. The length was over 12 feet, and the girth was enor­mous. It was def­i­nitely the fish of a life­time.

Capt. Hunter Ca­ballero Venice, Louisiana Via email

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