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Walk­ing tours of haunted his­toric places of­fer brainier thrills than st ick­ing your hand in a bowl of cold spaghetti. On the torch­lit Horse­man’s Hol­low trail at Philips­burg Manor ( right), the 18th­cen­tury grist mill made leg­endary by Wash­ing­ton Irv­ing, you’ll cir­cle the misty pond, then cross the famed bridge and come face-to-torso with a cer­tain head­less horse­man, just like Ich­a­bod Crane. Here, three more at­tract ions. Sleepy Hol­low, New York; hud­son­va­l­


See Pike Place Mar­ket’s dark side: Sto­ry­tellers re­veal its back al­leys, where crum­bling aban­doned grave­yards await.


This pop­u­lar gang­ster- ghost tour takes you to the lairs of crim­i­nals seek­ing re­venge be­yond the grave. amer­i­can­le­ga­cy­


A can­dlelit stroll drops by found­ing fa­ther William Paca’s home, where ob­jects are said to hover in midair. an­napolis­

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