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The stuffed, bat­tered, and fried poblanos in chiles rel­lenos di­vor­ci­a­dos are a sen­sory rev­e­la­tion: crispy on the out­side, gooey on the in­side, and tin­gling with mild spice. The se­cret is to sep­a­rate and whip the egg whites for the coat­ing, which re­sults in a shat­ter­ingly light, souf­fléd tex­ture. Di­vor­ci­a­dos refers to the sep­a­rated sal­sas— a red one made from roasted toma­toes, and a tang­ier green one from tomatil­los. Fresh poblanos are usu­ally sold green, which in­di­cates a stage of ripeness, not fla­vor. To test for heat, cut off a bit and touch it to your tongue.

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