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Orange you glad pump­kins and squashes come in dif­fer­ent col­ors? This ver­dant vi­sion in­cludes blue Hub­bard, Jar­rah­dale, Sho­kichi green, and La Estrella va­ri­eties, all draped in ferns. The trick to get­ting the leaves to look as if they sprang up this way is to lay them out to dry un­til they be­gin to curl (at least a day). Set the pump­kins in place, then ar­range the ferns and pin to se­cure. If it’s too chilly for al­fresco din­ing in your neck of the woods, this cen­ter­piece can usher the out­doors in, es­pe­cially if you ac­ces­sorize with spec­i­men bugs and life­like chest­nuts. THE DE­TAILS: The Evo­lu­tion Store un­framed pre­served in­sects, from $ 30 each, theevo­lu­tion­ Sweet Bella porce­lain horse chest­nuts, from $240 each, sweet­bel­ Jayson Home smoked short glasses, $8 each, jayson­ Hawkins New York sim­ple linen nap­kins, in Pine, $18 each, hawkin­

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