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You’ve left a mark on ev­ery last de­tail of your wed­ding, and the part­ing me­men­tos should be no ex­cep­tion. Im­press upon in­vi­tees how much they mean to you with use­ful fa­vors tucked in­side rus­tic-but-chic pack­ages made of hum­ble pa­pers and inked de­signs. The cre­ations look sim­ple be­cause they are, but as we all know by now, the sim­plest things are of­ten the ones we love the most.

Retro mo­tifs can re­mind you to cel­e­brate life at a slower pace— and show­case hob­bies like bik­ing, sew­ing, and read­ing. Use them to per­son­al­ize note­books with a rub­ber stamp. Note­book, from $2, Cavallini & Co. Cu­riosi­ties rub­ber-stamp set, $28, pa­per­ Fol­low­ing the last song, of­fer sweets to go in boxes with la­bels that you’ve cre­ated. Dulce de leche dough­nuts with al­monds, $3 each, dough­dough­ Bagel boxes, $10.75 for 50, bioand­ Rub­ber-stamp set, $18, When you want some­thing less showy than tulle or cel­lo­phane, parch­ment is a nat­u­rally charm­ing wrap­per for wine. Tie a big tag on with twine, then voilà! Rub­ber-stamped tag, $10.50, pa­per­p­re­sen­ta­ A stamped gift tag hints at a culi­nary de­light—ac­tu­ally a hunk of nutty Ro­mano cheese—wrapped up in parch­ment paper. Kraft tag, $5 for 10, pa­per­p­re­sen­ta­tion .com. Sil­ver­ware stamp, $6.75, Parch­ment paper, $4.50 for 70 sq. ft., thrive­mar­ Give the fix­ings for a fine cup of joe. Buy the beans from a lo­cal roaster, stamp your many thanks on the bags, then fill ’em up. Stamps, from $10 each, casey rub­ber­ Tin-tie cof­fee bags, $17 for 100, pa­per­

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