No mat­ter your fit­ness goals, these tips from renowned health and fit­ness ex­pert Jil­lian Michaels (who hap­pens to be en­gaged her­self—to long­time part­ner Heidi Rhoades) will leave you feel­ing happy and healthy for your mo­ment in the spotlight and be­yond.

Ask for as­sis­tance.

If you’re an ex­er­cise new­bie, seek out a pro. That could mean hir­ing a trainer, sign­ing up for a class, or try­ing out an app that lets you ex­er­cise with a coach. “Train­ing prop­erly makes all the dif­fer­ence when it comes to pre­vent­ing in­juries and get­ting the re­sults you’re af­ter,” Michaels says.

Choose your tar­gets.

Most wed­ding gowns highlight the up­per body, so Michaels rec­om­mends fo­cus­ing on your shoul­ders, chest, arms, and back by do­ing ba­sic body-weight ex­er­cises like push-ups, bench dips, and pull-ups. (If you strug­gle with that last one, ask a trainer about as­sisted-band pull-ups in­stead.)


Pressed for time? Ex­er­cises that in­cor­po­rate sev­eral mus­cle groups at once—like side lunges with bi­ceps curls—get the job done faster. Even bet­ter: They burn more calo­ries both dur­ing and af­ter ex­er­cise.

Make sleep a pri­or­ity.

It may feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get all that wed­ding-plan­ning done—but you’ll only feel worse if you skimp on zzz’s. “Seven to eight hours per night will help man­age stress and pre­vent you from get­ting burned out,” Michaels says.

HIIT it.

When­ever you’re ex­er­cis­ing (in­clud­ing strength train­ing), try go­ing all-out for one minute with a move like jump­ing jacks, moun­tain climbers, or burpees. Then dial it back for a short, less-in­tense re­cov­ery pe­riod be­fore re­peat­ing. Ac­cord­ing to Michaels, this tech­nique—high­in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing ( HIIT)— will ac­cel­er­ate your me­tab­o­lism so you get the most out of ev­ery work­out.

Switch it up.

“A pro­gram needs to in­crease in in­ten­sity ev­ery two weeks,” Michaels says. Oth­er­wise, your body will get used to it. You should also vary the kinds of sweat ses­sions you put in. “You might love one par­tic­u­lar class, but with­out a well-rounded train­ing reg­i­men, you risk in­jury and po­ten­tial plateau from adapt­ing to your rou­tine,” she says.

Opt for fiber.

Try­ing to lose a few pounds? A sup­ple­ment like psyl­lium husks can help curb hunger when con­sumed be­fore meals with a large glass of wa­ter. “And even if you aren’t try­ing to lose weight, fiber is good for gut health and re­moves waste from your di­ges­tive tract,” Michaels adds.

Give your­self a break.

So your crazy-busy life got in the way, and you had to skip your morn­ing run. It’s noth­ing to beat your­self up about. “Sim­ply make good food choices that day, and get some sleep that night,” Michaels says. “Yes, you want to look and feel your best, but you also need to en­joy the process.”

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