A Chris­tian re­vival is des­per­ately needed

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With the at­tacks on Sept. 11, in Or­lando, etc., many peo­ple are ask­ing why God would al­low this. The an­swer may be in the Book of Judges in the Bi­ble. It is a his­tory of God’s peo­ple and it re­veals a sad hu­man be­hav­ioral pat­tern.

Af­ter they were res­cued from cap­tiv­ity in Egypt, God’s peo­ple lived right­eous lives in the Promised Land and He blessed, pros­pered and pro­tected them. But they drifted away from Him, be­liev­ing they alone were the rea­son for their pros­per­ity. Even­tu­ally many of God’s peo­ple re­jected Him and lived un­godly lives. God re­moved His pro­tec­tion and al­lowed their en­e­mies to at­tack them. When the peo­ple cried out to Him, He sent judges (Sam­son, Deb­o­rah, Gideon, etc.) to lead them. When they re­pented and turned back to Him, God saved them. The peo­ple then lived right­eous lives, God blessed, pros­pered and pro­tected them, and the cy­cle started again.

When God re­moves His pro­tec­tion, in­no­cent peo­ple of­ten suf­fer and die be­cause of the sins of the na­tion. Bi­b­li­cal his­tory sup­ports this. When evil King Ahab ruled Is­rael, Eli­jah and 7,000 faith­ful peo­ple had to en­dure the three year drought that God sent. When God al­lowed the evil Assyr­i­ans to con­quer Is­rael, many in­no­cent peo­ple died or were taken cap­tive to for­eign lands. When God al­lowed the evil Baby­lo­ni­ans to con­quer Judea, many in­no­cent peo­ple were killed while oth­ers such as faith­ful Daniel, Shadrack, Me­shach and Abed-Nego were taken into cap­tiv­ity.

This na­tion was founded as a Chris­tian na­tion of God’s peo­ple, but many peo­ple have re­jected Him. Some ex­am­ples of our god­less so­ci­ety in­clude adul­tery, pornog­ra­phy, drugs, ly­ing, de­ceit, cor­rup­tion, etc. And in the last elec­tion, more than half of the vot­ers voted for can­di­dates who be­lieve it is ac­cept­able to mur­der in­no­cent un­born ba­bies by abor­tion, that ho­mo­sex­u­als should have spe­cial rights, and that all good things come from the gov­ern­ment, in­stead of from God. I be­lieve the ter­ror­ists at­tacks oc­curred when God re­moved His pro­tec­tion be­cause of the sins of this na­tion. If I’ve read the signs right (and I hope I’m wrong), this is only the be­gin­ning of the en­emy’s at­tacks.

Some peo­ple are singing “God Bless Amer­ica” and writ­ing that re­quest in many places. I hope and pray that He does, but why would a holy and right­eous God bless Amer­ica? Why would God bless a na­tion where many peo­ple re­ject Him and serve the false gods of plea­sure, pos­ses­sions, power and pop­u­lar­ity; where prayer and Bi­ble read­ing are for­bid­den in pub­lic schools; where many peo­ple only keep the Lord’s day holy if there isn’t any­thing else to do; where the mur­der of an es­ti­mated 60 mil­lion in­no­cent un­born ba­bies is le­gal; where 25 per­cent of all preg­nan­cies end in abor­tion; where many men and women sin and pro­duce il­le­git­i­mate chil­dren; where many fa­thers desert their chil­dren; and where com­pa­nies and gov­ern­ment agen­cies treat mar­riage, shack­ing up and same-sex part­ners equally by ex­tend­ing the same ben­e­fits to all of them? Per­haps you can add to this list.

There is cer­tainly much good in this na­tion, as was very ev­i­dent dur­ing and af­ter the ter­ror­ist at­tacks. But I be­lieve there is much that God dis­ap­proves of. Un­for­tu­nately, many of us refuse to ac­cept that we are sin­ners and ac­com­plices of sin­ners, and there­fore partly re­spon­si­ble for God re­mov­ing His pro­tec­tion.

We are mak­ing changes in our se­cu­rity, in­tel­li­gence gath­er­ing, air­lines op­er­a­tions, etc. to pro­tect our­selves from more at­tacks. But will we also re­pent and change our moral and spir­i­tual be­hav­ior in the hope that God will bless and pro­tect us again?

God has given us a prom­ise in 2 Chron­i­cles 7:14 “... if My peo­ple who are called by My name will hum­ble them­selves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will for­give their sin and heal the land.” There are many re­li­gious lead­ers that be­lieve we have gone too far, that that Scrip­ture no longer ap­plies, and that the Sec­ond Com­ing will oc­cur soon.

Although about 80 per­cent of Amer­i­cans call them­selves Chris­tians, many don’t act or vote ac­cord­ingly. Maybe it is time for those who are “called by My name” to ac­tu­ally be­come Chris­tians and fol­low the com­mand God gave in that scrip­ture. This coun­try se­ri­ously needs a re­vival.

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