Writer was cor­rect — we have turned from God

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Robert Boudreaux’s let­ter (“A Chris­tian re­vival is des­per­ately needed” Mary­land In­de­pen­dent, June 17) felt like a breath of air from heaven. It was soul re­fresh­ing and soul search­ing. Although writ­ten for Christians by a Chris­tian, it equally ap­plies to Mus­lims and Jews. Had we all been liv­ing ac­cord­ing to our re­spec­tive scrip­tures, hor­rors like the mas­sacre in Charleston, ter­ror in Or­lando and Don­ald Trump wouldn’t have hap­pened. Those are but the man­i­fes­ta­tions of God’s dis­plea­sure which we have brought upon our­selves by, as Mr. Boudreaux put it, our re­ject­ing Him and liv­ing un­godly lives.

He is ab­so­lutely right when he says that the only way to stop this con­tin­ual oc­cur­rence of hor­rific in­ci­dents is for us to re­pent and turn back to God. In­stead, we are try­ing to cure the symp­toms by, in Mr. Boudreaux’s words, “mak­ing changes in our se­cu­rity, in­tel­li­gence gath­er­ing, air­lines op­er­a­tions, etc.” That’s like try­ing to cure can­cer pain with Tylenol. What we re­ally need to do is to cure our in­ner self. How do we do that? Again, in Mr. Boudreaux’s words, by re­pent­ing and chang­ing our moral and spir­i­tual be­hav­ior in the hope that God will bless and pro­tect us again. There’s no other way.

Mr. Boudreaux’s let­ter should be clipped and saved, as I have, so those who can’t make it to church on Sun­day can read it in­stead.

Muham­mad Ameen,

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