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This let­ter is in re­sponse to Low­ell Martin of Ch­e­sa­peake Beach who penned a let­ter to the Independent which was pub­lished in the June 15 is­sue. It was cap­tioned “Trump is not pres­i­den­tial ma­te­rial.” Af­ter seven plus years of the chief apol­o­gist for the United States in the White House I am in no mood for a lec­ture on what the qual­i­fi­ca­tions are for a pres­i­dent from those who elected Obama. Those who voted for him chose a man who had one qual­i­fi­ca­tion. He was a com­mu­nity or­ga­nizer. A per­son I view as a rab­ble rouser. He has done noth­ing to squelch my view of him. I will sim­ply point to the cur­rent state of race re­la­tions in our na­tion now as op­posed to when he took of­fice. I heard enough about pres­i­den­tial qual­i­fi­ca­tions from lib­eral pro­gres­sives when Sarah Palin was on John McCain’s ticket to be vice pres­i­dent. She was treated as an im­be­cile even though she had served two terms as the gov­er­nor of the State of Alaska. Palin’s thought-im­paired crit­i­ciz­ers treated her like the Pope would treat the devil. These same sup­port­ers of the worst pres­i­dent we have ever had were at the same time singing the praises of the one term, no vot­ing record con­gress­man, who never held a real job, who still will not re­lease his col­lege records, records which I be­lieve would demon­strate he reg­is­tered as a for­eign stu­dent, ei­ther truth­fully or fraud­u­lently, for some type of mon­e­tar y or aca­demic ad­van­tage. So please Mr. Martin just put your head in the sand and vote for more of the same but leave me to my own “P.T. Bar­num” sucker fol­lies as I look at the ac­com­plish­ments and prom­ises of the can­di­dates and make my choice. Oh and by way you should get past that last refuge of a scoundrel hid­ing place. Quit call­ing those who dis­agree with your think­ing “racist.” You may feel free to call me naïve, un­so­phis­ti­cated, or just plain dumb but my dis­like for cer­tain lib­eral poli­cies in no way makes me a racist. It is pe­cu­liar that Mr. Trump was never viewed as a racist un­til he ran for pres­i­dent against a Demo­crat. Bobby Wal­lace, White Plains

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