Only God can save us, not Trump or Clin­ton

Maryland Independent - - Community Forum - Car­los Proc­tor, Lady­smith, Va.

After think­ing about all the prob­lems that this coun­try has, I am con­vinced that we are in store for a com­plete melt­down. No pres­i­dent is go­ing to be able to solve any of our ma­jor prob­lems dur­ing their term in of­fice. The prob­lems that we have now are go­ing to be here when they take of­fice and are go­ing to be here when their term is over, only the prob­lems will be greater.

No pres­i­dent can solve the drug prob­lems con­cern­ing drug sellers and those who use drugs. What about the street gangs and the high rate of crime in the United States? How about so many kids be­ing raised in an en­vi­ron­ment where there is no father fig­ure in their life? Over­pop­u­la­tion in our coun­try, like the rest of the world, is a prob­lem that can­not be over­looked. We are con­stantly build­ing more homes, more schools, more roads and more shop­ping cen­ters and what we have now is a big mess. The in­come dif­fer­en­tial where the rich are get­ting richer and the poor are get­ting poorer should be a con­cern for all of us. Our fed­eral gov­ern­ment is play­ing a big part in this dif­fer­en­tial, but I do not want to get into that mat­ter at this time; I do not have enough ball point pens.

We are giv­ing fi­nan­cial help to so many coun­tries in the world so why can’t we give a $20,000 tax credit to all vet­er­ans once they reach the age of 62, pay no taxes on $20,000 of their yearly in­come. Hil­lary Clin­ton can de­bate with Don­ald Trump and tell ev­ery­one what she is go­ing to do if she is elected pres­i­dent, but she is just blow­ing out hot air. Trump can build his great wall be­tween Mex­ico and the United States if he is elected, but with the sec­ond com­ing of Je­sus Christ it will be torn down. I would like to thank Pres­i­dent Obama for what he has done for this coun­try, but it’s go­ing to take more than a Chris­tian man like him­self to make a com­plete im­pact on our coun­try, it’s go­ing to take a sec­ond com­ing of Je­sus Christ and nothing else. God bless Amer­ica and please send help.

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