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When at­tend­ing the most re­cent Board of Ed­u­ca­tion meet­ing, un­ex­pect­edly moved from 6:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., with lit­tle no­tice, I ex­pe­ri­enced only two con­cerns. Th­ese were the board’s stance on the bath­room bill and on tak­ing over bus­ing in Charles County.

Since when has the board of ed­u­ca­tion be­come ex­perts on use and main­te­nance of school buses? At the meet­ing, a lady tes­ti­fied about the many buses in need of re­pairs when the Prince Ge­orge’s County Board of Ed­u­ca­tion’s fleet of buses was in­spected. In com­par­i­son, when in­spected, none of the buses of the 27 bus con­trac­tors in Charles County were in need of re­pairs. What do we want for our chil­dren? This move will elim­i­nate 27 small busi­nesses. We must look at the cost of new in­fra­struc­ture for this un­nec­es­sary en­deavor. Is there a com­pany we do not know about want­ing to re­place our buses?

The other is­sue is the bath­room bill. Par­ents are con­cerned about stu­dents who want to go in the bath­room of the op­po­site sex sim­ply be­cause they, at their young age, are try­ing to de­ter­mine if they are a girl or a boy. For years schools have func­tioned with prop­erly la­beled re­strooms. I be­lieve this is­sue is caus­ing a prob­lem for a very, very small per­cent­age of our youth who are some­times sim­ply mis­guided be­cause of the dis­cus­sions of this is­sue.

God has been taken out of so­ci­ety ex­cept in churches and that will be next if we are not vig­i­lant. Amer­ica is “one na­tion un­der God.” We must not for­get why Amer­ica was formed in the first place. It was not by peo­ple who were con­fused about their gen­der iden­tity. It was formed by peo­ple who knew and feared God and wanted free­dom. We must stop com­plain­ing and get in­volved by vot­ing and mak­ing our voices heard. We must go to board of ed­u­ca­tion meet­ings and in­sist that meet­ings be held at the time ad­ver­tised so the board does not ap­pear to be hid­ing some­thing from the peo­ple.

I un­der­stand the bath­room is­sue will be ad­dressed at a fu­ture meet­ing. I still won­der if a cou­ple bath­rooms could be marked “other” and leave the rest alone. We must re­spect the wishes of the ma­jor­ity who want pri­vacy. Maybe the other stu­dents could go to the nurse’s of­fice to dress and also go to the bath­room. Mil­lie Havrilla, La Plata

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